How to Make a Floral Peace Sign Wreath

February 27, 2020

Give your front door a modern look with this easy Floral Peace Sign Wreath tutorial. A round wreath form is easily transformed into a peace sign with wire, rope, and faux flowers!

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but the dollar store has really upped their craft section!  I’ve been able to find terrarium supplies (including some really nice fake succulents), wreath forms, and even floral bunches!  All for a dollar each!  Now, I love going to the craft store.  But I’ve seen what the dollar store can offer.  So I’ll run there for certain supplies instead of spending five dollars or more on one item at the craft store.

Like the wreath forms!  I love making wreaths for our front door.  It’s an effortless way to decorate the front of the house and wreaths are so easy to make!  But I was buying wreath forms at the craft store and spending about $10!  During one of my last trips to the dollar store, I found heart-shaped wreath forms and some really nice 14 inch round wreath forms.  For a dollar, I couldn’t pass up grabbing one of each!

I didn’t really have a plan for either wreath form when I bought them.  But while I was browsing Pinterest, I was reminded of how much I wanted a peace sign wreath.  They’re not exactly cheap to buy already made.  So I figured out a way to make my own with some dollar store supplies and other craft supplies I already had on hand.  The only thing I didn’t go to the dollar store for was the bunch of flowers.  But the dollar store does have a pretty nice selection of floral bunches!

In order to make a peace sign out of the round form, I used some floral wire to create the inner shape.  I attached the wire to the wreath form, but wrapped the shape a few times to make it sturdy.  Then, I used nautical rope to wrap the entire wreath.  I did this in sections since I wasn’t sure how much rope I would need.  The ends of the rope got tied in the back of the wreath and tucked in.

The wreath looked great on its own, but I decided to add some flowers to it.  The flowers added some nice color that’ll really pop when the wreath is hung.  This is a wreath I can use to welcome spring and keep up all summer long! 



  1. Form the inner peace sign shape with floral wire, snip to size with wire cutters, and attach it to the wreath form.  You might want to repeat wrapping the shape a few times to make it nice and sturdy.
  2. Wrap the entire wreath with nautical rope.  Secure in sections with hot glue and glue or tie the ends in the back of the wreath.
  3. Once the entire wreath is wrapped, create a loop with rope and glue to the back of the wreath for hanging.
  4. Using the wire cutters once again, snip the tops of the flowers with leaves.
  5. Arrange the flowers and leaves on the bottom portion of the wreath.  Then, glue into place.
  6. Allow the glue to dry completely and hang! 

I love the way this turned out!  It was pretty easy to make and it saved me a bit of money making my own peace sign wreath.  The wreath is a little heavy, so keep that in mind when you attach the loop.  It’s going to look so pretty hanging on our front door this spring! 

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