Fun Start to the Week

June 5, 2012

It’s been a great start to my first week off!  Yesterday morning, Mike’s mom met us at our house and we made our way to City Hall to apply for our marriage license.  I was nervous at first.  I didn’t know what to expect and figured that we’d be stuck in a stuffy office filling out forms and answering questions.  It was a super quick process!  We made our ceremony arrangements first at the Mayor’s office.  I will be becoming Mrs. H. the morning of 7/20/2012, 9 days before my 31st birthday!  What a way to celebrate turning 31!  From the Mayor’s office, we went down to the City Clerk and applied for our marriage license.  We answered a quick series of questions, signed the application and were on our merry way.
I had made plans with my sisters and their friend to go to the beach, but that ended up being a wash out (thanks week of rain showers!).  Instead we took my Groupon for the Shannon Rose Irish Pub and had a fun lunch.  We decided to go to the mini-golf course afterwards, but it was closed.  Instead we went to Target so I could pick up a few things, then ended our afternoon with some tasty fro-yo.
Today has been an easy-going day.  I cleaned all the windows in the house this morning, then ran some errands.  I made it home in time for lunch.  Mike and I made delicious salads from leftovers.  I had made tortilla crusted chicken last night for dinner.  We each took a leftover piece of chicken and topped romaine lettuce and veggies with it.  I added garden grown snap peas to my salad.  Mike added feta cheese.  We dressed them with Olive Garden Italian dressing.  So yummy!  Then I enjoyed a Williams-Sonoma catalog I got in the mail.  I’ll be stopping in there on Thursday to check out some of the yummy margarita mixes they have.  As for the rest of my afternoon, I’m catching up on e-mail and will be going through my hefty stack of magazines so I can pass them on.
That’s about it from my neck of the woods.  I hope you’re all having a great week so far!


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