Fun with Fun-Kins

October 10, 2013

Last Friday, I had craft night with my cousin.  We painted Fun-Kins.  Fun-Kins are artificial pumpkins that are weather resistant and can be carved.  I had purchased some Martha Stewart pearl and glitter paints from the craft store to paint our pumpkins.  We also enjoyed pumpkin ale and a pumpkin-themed dessert when we finished painting.  There’s no such thing as pumpkin overload!

We made pumpkin doughnut sundaes with pumpkin doughnuts I picked up during the week from a farm stand and pumpkin ice cream that my cousin bought from Trader Joe’s.  I heated the doughnut for about 25 seconds, just enough to warm them through, and added a couple scoops of ice cream on top.  It was so good!

My cousin chose to glitter her pumpkin.  It reminded me of the pumpkin carriage in Cinderella.  I chose to paint stripes in black and copper paint.  Once the paint started to dry, I added a black and orange glitter paint on top of the black stripes for added shimmer.

I am pleased with how my pumpkin came out, but I don’t think I will be buying Martha Stewart brand paints again. They came out very sheer even after multiple coats of paint.  Surprisingly, the store brand paints I own have better coverage.

It was a fun night of crafting and we both made fall/Halloween decorations we can enjoy for years to come. Maybe next year I’ll try to carve a Fun-Kin.  I’m interested to see if carving would be any easier on a fake pumpkin.  Although I do enjoy the process of gutting and carving a real pumpkin!  I hope to do that in a few weeks.


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