Getting Back to Normal

November 7, 2012

It’s been a little over a week since Sandy ripped through Jersey.  Things are starting to get back to normal around here.  The trees have been cleared from the streets.  Power lines have been repaired (thank you, Ontario!).  Gas station lines have gotten a lot better.  Stores are no longer overwhelmed with people scrambling to gather necessities.  However, a Nor’Easter is on its way to our area, due to start some time this afternoon.  

Part of me can’t help but feel for those who have already lost everything and are far from recovery.  Part of me is entirely grateful for the roof over my head, working power and water, my husband who took my car to work today and is filling my gas tank, food and a warm bed to sleep in at night.  Then there’s the other part of me who can’t wait to look out of the window and see the first few snowflakes fall.  

So I say to the weather due to come, don’t send it south.  Plop every last snowflake on my lawn.  I’m sure my husband won’t be thrilled, but he’s lucky to have a wife who loves to shovel.  It’s like adult snow play for me and I always reward myself with a hot cup of cocoa at the end of the job.

I also must admit that the first few days stuck indoors due to Sandy drove me stir crazy since I’m usually out and about.  I quickly got over it once I discovered a million things to do in the house.  I got out for a little bit yesterday morning to drop off a few donation bags (a product of being stuck indoors and cleaning out the house) and make a quick run to the store.
Honestly, I think I’m getting used to being a hermit!  But I will be getting out of the house on Friday to spend some family time with my in-laws in New York City to see the opening day of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!  I cannot wait to see the excitement pour over my niece and nephew’s faces and I cannot wait to revisit such a wonderful holiday tradition.
Stay safe and stay warm!


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