How to Make a Gift Basket for the College Cook

December 7, 2020

The college-aged cook on your list will appreciate this gift basket filled with simple ingredients and cooking essentials so they can enjoy a good meal while they’re away from home!

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College kids are usually easy to please as long as you kept them – and their wallets – well fed.  So last year for Christmas, I decided to make my college-aged nephew a food-filled gift basket.  He’s told me before that he likes to cook on campus.  Instead of just filling a basket with the typical college staples and junk food, I decided to use a colander as a basket and fill it with a few cooking essentials! 

There were no ramen noodles in his basket!  But there was a spaghetti and sauce set that came with a wooden spoon, some breadsticks, a spatula, a Christmas kitchen towel, and a college cookbook.  And because every good meal comes with dessert, I added a gourmet chocolate milkshake set to the basket, too. 

How to Make a Gift Basket for the College Cook

I’ve always wanted to put together a gift basket like this!  It ended up being a hit with our nephew!  The basket includes simple ingredients for an easy pasta night that your beginner cook will be able to master while they’re away from home. 

I’ve also included a few other items to the list below that would make great additions to a cooking basket for a college kid or any beginner cook!  

  1. Stainless Steel Colander
  2. Silicone Spatula
  3. The Easy College Cookbook
  4. Christmas Kitchen Towels
  5. Gingerbread Man Pasta
  6. Tomato Pasta Sauce
  7. Wooden Spoon
  8. Breadsticks
  9. Sea Salt Sampler
  10. Olive Oil Gift Set
  11. Pasta Shaped Oven Mitts
  12. Chocolate Milkshake Gift
  13. “May the Forks Be With You” Apron
  14. Amazon Gift Card


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