Yasss Witch Glam Halloween Wreath

September 21, 2018

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Your neighbors will be saying “yasss witch” when they see this fab-BOO-lous DIY Glam Halloween Wreath hanging on your door this year!

It happens to me every time.  I go to Michael’s to make a return and end up giving my money right back to them.  That’s basically how this wreath came about.  I went to return extra florals I had leftover from the fall mason jar bouquets I made.  Then, I made the mistake of “just taking a look around.”  I was hanging around the Halloween aisles and that’s when I decided that I wanted to make a wreath.  The Halloween wreath I’ve been using each year has been hanging on our door for the past eight Halloweens!  It was time for a change.

I figured that I already showed you how to put together a wreath for summer and a pastel wreath for fall.  It was only fitting that I showed you how to make a modern wreath for Halloween, too!  So while I was wandering those ever-so-bewitching Halloween aisles, I noticed that a lot of the decor that’s out this year has a very “glam” feel to it.  That became my inspiration for this wreath.

Go glam this Halloween with a fab-BOO-lous floral wreath!

There are some really gorgeous Halloween florals out this year.  I mean, be still my inner goth because these florals bring the darkness and the drama!  Aside from just black flowers and foliage, there are deep magentas and purples that are just so beautiful against the black stems.  Considering I had just returned a bunch of florals, I tried not to go overboard.  

Like the other wreaths I’ve made, this one starts with an 18 inch grapevine wreath.  I started building my wreath with a black peony stem and a dark purple dahlia stem.  Then, I began adding other pieces like magenta foxtails, a black floral bunch, glitter spiders and pumpkins, an eyeball, and an “enter if you dare” sign as the final touch. 

The goal was a wreath that looked “yasss witch” glam with a touch of spookiness!  I can’t wait to hang this on my front door this Halloween!



  1. Heat your hot glue gun.  While the glue gun is heating, plan your wreath. 
  2. Use as little or as much of the cheesecloth spiderwebs as you want.  Begin wrapping the cheesecloth around the wreath and glue into place.
  3. Then, plan where your florals will go and trim the stems with a wire cutter.
  4. Begin gluing the flowers onto the wreath.  Start with the larger flowers.  Then, add the smaller flowers and Halloween picks.
  5. Last, position the small Halloween sign onto the wreath and glue.
  6. Allow the glue to dry completely and hang on your front door to welcome the Halloween season!

If you’re not a big fan of Halloween, but still want to decorate, this wreath is a good option.  It’s not super creepy and the sparkly pumpkins and flowers add a glam, not-so-spooky touch to it. Nothing against my old candy corn wreath, but this wreath is going to spend the next who-knows-how-many-years up on my front door for Halloween!  Yasss witch!


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