Halloween Crow Wreath

October 6, 2021

This spooky and sophisticated Halloween crow wreath is an easy DIY made with black feathers, creepy crows, and a black and white striped bow.   

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When you think of Halloween, you probably don’t think of Schitt’s Creek.  Maybe some fantastic Rose family inspired costumes, but not so much when it comes to Halloween decorations.  Right?

Well, I went to the craft store and got inspired to make a new Halloween wreath for our front door.  My idea was originally inspired by Beetlejuice, but my vision wasn’t coming together the way I wanted it to.  I changed things up and was ultimately inspired by the black and white ribbon I had bought.

Enter Moira Rose.

Oh, that stylish mother full of quips and panache!  You might have noticed that the majority of Moira Rose’s outfits are black and white (it’s rumored that’s inspired by her role in Beetlejuice).

So using the black and white ribbon and Moira Rose’s The Crows Have Eyes 3 horror movie as inspiration, I created a Schitt’s Creek inspired Halloween crow wreath!

Halloween Crow Wreath

“The crows have eyes. And you better not look them in it.”  This wreath might not immediately scream Schitt’s Creek to you.  But it’s a fun way to celebrate the show for Halloween and a spooky glam Halloween decoration for your front door!

I started this wreath with a black grapevine wreath base.  If you can’t find a black grapevine wreath, you can spray paint a natural grapevine wreath.  Using my hot glue gun, I glued black feathers all around the wreath.

Once the feathers were in place, I glued a couple of faux crows to the wreath.  I found four inch crows on Amazon that were the perfect size for decorating a wreath! Then, I tucked small handfuls of Spanish moss around the wreath and glued them in place.

I cut a strip of black and white striped ribbon and tied it onto the wreath.  Then, I just tied a simple bow.  No need to glue it in place, but you can if you want to make it extra secure.

If you want to add some extra special touches to this Schitt’s Creek inspired wreath, you could print a picture of Dr. Clara Mandrake on cardstock and stick her somewhere in the wreath.

And if you like the look of a lighted wreath at night, you could also wrap Halloween string lights around it. Now all that’s left to do is hang it up on the front door!



  1. Heat a hot glue gun.  Once the glue gun is ready, begin to glue the black feathers all around the wreath, making sure to place them in the same direction.
  2. Once the feathers are in place, glue the crows onto the wreath.
  3. Then, tuck small handfuls of Spanish moss in different places around the wreath.  Carefully glue them into place.
  4. Cut a strip of the black and white striped ribbon and tie it onto the wreath.  Then, tie it into a simple bow and trim the ends.
  5. If desired, place a printout of Dr. Clara Mandrake onto the wreath and wrap the wreath in Halloween string lights.
  6. Use a wreath hanger or ribbon to display the wreath on your front door!

Whether you’re a fan of Schitt’s Creek or just like decorating with crows, this easy wreath project will add a spooky touch to your front door and caw-caw-cause a stir on Halloween!

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  • Reply Sarah October 12, 2021 at 5:55 PM

    What a creative wreath- I love this idea! Your blog has given me so many great ideas for decorating my house this season. My family is decluttering our house over the weekend and then we’re getting cabinet refinishing. After that, we finally get to decorate for Halloween and fall, and I’m so excited!

    • Reply Jessica October 13, 2021 at 9:31 AM

      Thanks so much, Sarah! I’m glad my blog could inspire you for Halloween! It’s my favorite time of year and I love decorating for all things fall and spooky season. I hope you have fun decorating! 🙂

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