Halloween Eyeball Salami Roses

October 19, 2022

Give the salami rose trend a spooky spin with these Halloween Eyeball Salami Roses stuffed with mini brie bites topped with hot honey, olives, and peppadew peppers.

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While I was browsing Halloween food content on Instagram recently, I came across spooky eyeball appetizers made with mini brie bites.  They gave me an idea.  You know the salami rose trend that’s been such a hit for over a year now?  Of course you do!  Well, I decided to make salami roses with a spooky spin for Halloween.

Salami roses have become such a big appetizer trend and they’re fun to make, too!  These Halloween Eyeball Salami Roses are perfect for a charcuterie board or as an appetizer.  Like the Halloween roses you find you in the craft store, these salami roses have a delicious eyeball set in the middle of them.

To make these spooky salami roses, we’re going to leave a little room in the center of our salami rose.  Then, we’ll add a mini brie bite inside of the rose and top it with a drizzle of hot honey and an olive.  That’s it!  A super impressive appetizer for Halloween!

Halloween Eyeball Salami Roses

Create these easy Halloween Eyeball Salami Roses that not only look impressive, but are totally delicious, too!  The key is to leave the salami rose unfinished in the wine or champagne glass so there’s room in the middle to make the mini brie bite eye.

I like to use a champagne glass to make salami roses.   I fold salami slices around the rim of the glass, overlapping slices just until there’s enough room left in the middle for the mini brie bite.  So like once or twice around the glass is all you need.

Once the salami is in place, pop a mini brie bite in the middle of the salami rose.  Just push it down far enough so it’s flush with the glass.

Now, flip the glass over and carefully remove the salami rose and brie bite.  It’s always good to make the roses while the salami is cold.  It’ll hold its shape better.

Now it’s time to make the eyeball.  Drizzle hot honey over the mini brie bite.  Finish the eyeball with a pimento olive slice in the center of the brie bite and a thin slice or two of peppadew pepper around the edge of the brie bite.  If desired, add some fresh basil leaves to the plate.

Keep chilled in the fridge until ready to serve.Serve the eyeball salami roses as is or on a Halloween charcuterie board.

Halloween Eyeball Salami Roses

Halloween Eyeball Salami Roses


  • 1/2 lb. sliced salami
  • 1 package Supreme Brie Bites, unwrapped
  • Mike's Hot Honey
  • 2-3 peppadew peppers, thinly sliced
  • 2-3 pimento olives, sliced
  • Optional: fresh basil leaves


  1. Using a champagne or wine glass, begin folding the salami slices over the edge of the glass, overlapping each slice. Add 1-2 layers leaving a space in the middle large enough to fit the mini brie bite.
  2. Then, gently push a mini brie bite into the center of the rose just so it's flush with the edge of the glass.
  3. Flip the rose over onto a plate or charcuterie board, gently removing it from the glass.
  4. Drizzle a little hot honey over the top of each brie bite. Then, add an olive slice into the center of each brie bite.
  5. Add slices of peppadew pepper around the olive slice. Finish by tucking fresh basil leaves next to the roses.
  6. Serve immediately as is or on a charcuterie board, or chill in the fridge until serving.
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Such a fun spin on the salami rose trend and totally delicious, too!  Just make sure that your salami slices are super cold before making the roses and you should have no problem creating this eyepopping Halloween appetizer!

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