Halloween Witch Cricut Coffee Mugs

October 13, 2022

These witchy mugs will look spooktacular on a Halloween themed coffee station! Create these Halloween Witch Cricut Coffee Mugs using Infusible Ink and the Mug Press.

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Do you decorate the inside of your home for Halloween?  I used to limit my decorating to just the living room and dining room.  But the decorations started to trickle into other rooms of our home, like our office and our bedroom.  Last year was the first year that I decided to fully decorate the kitchen, as well, and it’s become one of my favorite rooms to decorate for Halloween!

One of the easiest ways to decorate the kitchen for Halloween is by changing out your coffee mugs.  I have a little countertop coffee station with a mug tree.  Every season, I’ve been switching up my mugs.  And even though I already have a bunch of fall and Halloween mugs, I wanted to put my Mug Press to use and make a couple new Halloween mugs to add to my mug tree!

I created a couple new mugs using images in Design Space, Infusible Ink, and of course, the Cricut Mug Press.  I wanted my mugs to have some obvious Halloween spirit, but also show off a little of that “before coffee” sass.  So I made one mug with the phrase “witch better have my coffee,” and the other with the phrase “I’m a real witch before coffee.”

Halloween Witch Cricut Coffee Mugs

The Mug Press is such a fun way to create a new coffee or tea mug for your coffee station, or even as a gift!  These witchy Halloween mugs will definitely add a little sass to your morning.  These simple, but fun Halloween designs can be made using solid or patterned Infusible Ink.

The first step to creating our mugs is opening up the design file in Design Space.  If necessary, make adjustments to the designs and set your machine to Maker.  Then, click Make It.

Make sure to mirror both designs.  Then, select Infusible Ink from the list of the materials and continue to cut the designs.  Once cut, weed each design.

Now, we’re going to power on the Mug Press.  Let it heat up.  The button will turn green when it’s ready to go.

Take the mug blank out of the box and give it a quick brush with a lint brush to clean the surface.  Wrap the design around the mug and secure it in place with Heat Resistant Tape.

Once the Mug Press is heated, pull the lever up and place the mug inside. Push the lever back down to start the transfer process.  You’ll see the lights on top of the press light up to show you the progress.  Then, the Mug Press will beep to let you know when the mug is finished.

When the mug is finished, it will be very hot.  Carefully remove it from the Mug Press and place it on a heat safe surface, like an EasyPress Mat, to cool.

Once the mug is cool to the touch, remove the Infusible Ink sheet from the mug.  Continue with the second mug.  Then, your new Halloween mugs will be finished!



  1. Open the Halloween Witch Coffee Mugs design file in Design Space.  Adjust, if necessary.  Then, hit Make It.
  2. Prepare two Standard Grip Mats with Infusible Ink and continue to cut each design.
  3. Weed each design.  Then, wrap the design around each cleaned mug blank and secure with Heat Resistant Tape.
  4. Heat the Mug Press.  When ready, place a mug into the press, pull the lever down to hold the mug in place.
  5. Once the mug is finished, carefully remove it from the press and set aside on a heat safe surface, like an EasyPress Mat.
  6. When the mug is cool, remove the Infusible Ink transfer sheet from the mug.
  7. Continue with the second mug to complete the project.

Cozy up to a PSL or your favorite hot witch’s brew poured into one of these Halloween mugs.  This is fun Mug Press project for hot beverage lovers who love switching out their mugs every season/holiday or just want to add a little extra sass to spooky season!

Learn more about the Cricut Mug Press by clicking here.

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