Hello, Old Friend

September 4, 2012

Back in May I started a gratitude journal.  My life was changing and I wanted to focus on the positive instead of the negative (the negative always seems easier to focus on, doesn’t it?).  The weather was getting warmer and I was spending my evenings on the deck.  I would take my gratitude journal with me, take in the summer evenings, watch my soon-to-be-husband work in the yard and write down everything I was thankful for during the day.
The last time I wrote in my gratitude journal was the 31st of May, my last day of work.  After that, life got much busier.  I was focused on planning for our wedding day, our backyard reception the following day and everything else in-between.  Summer itself is always a big distraction.  I found myself outside more, leaving my poor little journal behind in the drawer of my nightstand.

I did a big cleanup in the bedroom yesterday.  So big that my husband popped his head in while I was on the bed sorting out jewelry and asked, “Are you okay in there?”  During my clean up, I went through the bottom drawer of my nightstand where my books are kept.  I finished reading The Help and picked out Safe Haven to start next.  Peeking out from underneath Safe Haven was my gratitude journal.  I revisited the pages I had written and smiled to myself.  I am very blessed.  I want to continue to remind myself of this every day.
Every now and then I write my husband a note at night for him to find when he wakes up in the morning, telling him how much I love him (he got a three page note just the other day).  But every now and then I need to remind myself of our love, the love of my family and friends and little things that make me appreciate life so much. So starting tonight, I will be writing in my gratitude journal again.  It’s such a great little practice to keep.
Every day I wake up, put on the news and am faced with disaster and tragedy in the world.  It’s a lot to be hit with before even having my first cup of coffee!  It’ll be nice to end the day on a happy note; to reflect on the blessings received throughout the day and to let go and release all of the negativity that we tend to carry with us.

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