Home from Lancaster (Again)

June 11, 2013

The aftermath of a great trip to Lancaster County usually includes a few days’ worth of whining about missing the countryside and interactions with the nice and friendly Amish.  But at least there will always be pictures.

From the tail of a peacock wandering around an Amish farm.  So beautiful!

I noticed this barn from across a street and was admiring what a perfect picture of country it was.

As I said, it’s always amusing!  Horse and buggy at the bank drive-thru across from the pretzel shop.

A perfect little lunch of lemonade, a whole wheat soft pretzel and sweet mustard.  Yum!




It wouldn’t be a trip to the country without some time spent gushing over adorable goats!
We found our farm fresh eggs!  Delicious!

I bought this book at the Intercourse Canning Company.  I must have read it three times already.  I’m in love with the illustrations and facts on farm life.

I brought home a goat bucket from Harry & David.  That gold horseshoe is from a previous trip to Lancaster.  It was bought on an Amish farm tour.

I love nesting dolls so I had to have these nesting doll shakers found at an antique shop next to the Strasburg Rail Road.  We almost missed our train ride hanging out in the shop, listening to a Johnny Cash record the owner put on!
The roadside stand where we found the eggs (and fresh strawberries, snap peas and the frolicking goats) was also selling garden stakes made from horseshoes.  There were pumpkins and flowers, but I settled on this four leaf clover. So clever!  I hope it brings my garden good luck.
It rained almost the entire trip, but it didn’t deter us from having fun.  Our trip went far too fast, but the overnight stay was well worth it this time.  We didn’t have to cram everything we wanted to do into one day. We were able to relax that evening in our hotel room and laze about the next morning before going off to shop and explore once again.  I survived the night away from my husband!  Although I miss the countryside and the friendly, welcoming Amish, I definitely missed my husband more.


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