Home Office Update + Things To Do Printable

March 30, 2015

A few weeks ago, after sorting through supplies for an Etsy order, I realized that I was running out of room.  As far as storage went, I had a three compartment plastic drawer on the side of the desk that was starting to meet its capacity.  I asked my husband if he could possibly build me a shelf. Instead, he built me an entire shelf unit and I am in love with it!  This shelf unit has made a world of difference in our home office.


Before, our desk was a bit cluttered and not-too-exciting in the way of home styling.  We had the essentials (computer, speakers, file holder, desk lamp) and not much more.  It wasn’t a very inspiring space to work in.  I neglected the office often to work off of my laptop elsewhere.

It took about a week for my husband to cut the wood, stain it, add a clear coat, allow it to dry and put the unit together. I couldn’t wait for him to set it up around our desk!  One Saturday morning, he called me into the office and asked me what I thought.

What I thought was, “Out of my way!  I want to set up and get to work!”  I spent most of the morning popping into the office just to admire my new work space.  This new shelf unit brought so much life to a pretty lifeless desk.  I designated one shelf for my husband’s papers and another for my own.  The top shelf stores my collection of notebooks, a mug full of pens and a few mason jar items.  There’s even a space for my camera bag!

I eventually swapped out my air plant terrarium for a “Royal Hustler” ivy plant that I found at Lowe’s for a mere 75 cents (planted in a former citronella candle holder) and put my piggy critter candle away (let’s not burn down the office now that it feels like a brand new space)!

The way I used to neglect the office and desktop computer is now the way I’m neglecting my laptop.  I love working in my updated home office!  I love having all of my supplies accessible to me in one place.  Clutter sucks when it comes to focus so it’s nice to have an organized space, too.


One thing that always keeps me organized is a to-do list.  So you can have something pretty for your desk, I created this floral “Things to Do” printable download.  Just click the link above, save and print!  You could even keep this under glass in a picture frame to continually write on like I did with my goals printable.

Do you have a home office?


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