How to Conquer Jealousy in the Blogosphere

July 10, 2013

If you’re just starting out as a blogger, it can seem tough to get yourself noticed. I’m sharing tips to help you conquer jealousy in the blogosphere!

How to Conquer Jealousy in the Blogosphere  
It’s a big, blog world these days and oftentimes we see things happening for other bloggers as we sit back and wonder, “Why not me?”  I have also been at fault.  I’ve read posts from favorite bloggers and wished certain opportunities would happen for me.  Who wouldn’t want to be approached by amazing companies for sponsored opportunities?  I decided to take a look back on the original reasons I started blogging in the first place.
If you’re anything like me, you started a blog to keep a record of things happening in your life.  If people decide to read what I’m sharing, it’s just a bonus.  After all, my little blog has allowed me to meet so many other bloggers who have become my friends.

  • I have become inspired instead of envious of other blogger’s good fortune.  I have to remember that they were just starting off once upon a time just as I am.  Back when I started a blog, I hardly even realized the opportunities that could come along with it.  I just wanted to write.
  • I realize that my blog is first and foremost about me and my life.  Yes, I could divulge a lot more about my life, but some things are meant to be kept private.  Besides, do you really want to read the boring, mundane details that come with being a homemaker? Maybe you do, but I share what I want to share and that includes company reviews and product giveaways.

A few weeks ago, I was approached by several companies all in one shot.  It was amazing to me that so many companies wanted to work with my blog.  But in the end, you have to keep it real and be true to yourself.  I asked myself, “Is this a good fit for my blog?”  In the end, I declined a couple opportunities (do I seem like a girl who should cover horse racing events?!) and went with a few others that I felt were a better fit–not only for my blog–but personally as well.

I’m super excited for one of the most recent blogging opportunities that has come my way.  As you know, last year Superstorm Sandy left a lot of devastation throughout New Jersey.  I was approached by the staff of the Stronger than the Storm campaign to write a piece for their website. STTS is all about showing how the Jersey Shore has bounced back after the storm. As Governor Christie has said, “The Jersey Shore is back and it’s open for business!” My post should go live towards the end of the month.  I’ll have more information once my post is up and running.  I have a lot of state pride as a proud Jersey girl and have spent so many summers at the Jersey Shore.  The pressure’s on, but I hope I can make my state proud with my post!

My advice to anyone who might be looking to expand their blog with sponsored opportunities is: join blogging networks and websites.  Start a Facebook page for your blog and promote yourself throughout social media.  It helps!  But ultimately, never stop writing what means the most to you.


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