Hurricane Sandy

October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy’s trick-or-treating up the east coast just in time to slam New Jersey right before Halloween.  This morning we started prepping for Sandy’s arrival.  It’s so weird to think that two years in a row we’ve had hurricanes to prepare for when I am often so grateful to feel pretty weather-safe in the state of New Jersey.  Sure we’ve had our share of snowstorms and heavy rainfall, but it’s nothing that I’ve felt terribly panicked over.  We made it through Hurricane Irene last year, but this storm is supposed to be a lot worse.  I’m pretty sure my husband and I have things under control, but I can’t help but feel nervous about what’s to come.  Mother Nature’s a fickle force.

I ran out yesterday morning and got a case of water, canned goods and other necessities.  I still felt under-prepared this morning so I went out again and picked up more canned goods, some jars of sauce, Ramen noodles (I haven’t had Ramen in a while so I got a little excited over this) and then headed to the craft store to stock up on supplies.  I’ll craft by candlelight if I have to – anything to keep me from going stir-crazy if the power goes out, which I pray it doesn’t!  

We’ve moved our deck furniture inside, took the grill in the garage, moved my car and I took down my Halloween decorations (that really ticked me off!) and put the pumpkins in the basement for now.  We have flashlights and batteries.  I’m going to make sure we have plenty of ice, too.  I made a big pot of sauce and have some meat thawing to precook for meals tomorrow.  

The basement will be secured by my husband and my in-laws aren’t far off if we need anything from them.  While I’m not too comfortable with my husband working Monday when the storm is supposed to come in, he took a personal day Tuesday when the worst of the storm should be here.  Besides the fear of the basement flooding and the power going out, I think we’ll be okay.

If you’re in Sandy’s path, I hope you’re staying safe.


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