I Have Traveled Lengths

July 17, 2013

Poetry has gotten me through some of the roughest patches in my life.  It has gotten me through personal demons, break-ups, pent up anger and frustration.  It had been a while since I’d written anything poetic.  I always chock up not writing anything artistic to leading a happy life.  I apparently save my words for darker times.  Beauty is pain and what not.  

I was instantly inspired by a photo on my Tumblr dashboard.  The words formed easily into a bit of prose.  Romantic prose, shockingly enough.  I suppose the lover in me can be poetic after all.

I Have Traveled Lengths
I have never traveled by plane.  
I hardly travel by train anymore,
And my vacations by automobile aren’t very far from home.  
But my hands have traveled peaks and valleys over the expanse of his skin.  
They’ve wandered into the darkness and found foreign lands.  
They’ve found places to nestle and places to bury my head.  
They’ve found shoulders to cry on and lips to gently kiss.
They’ve found the warmth of a body embraced,
Strong arms like protective barriers,
And a welcoming home by the beating of his heart.
I have traveled lengths to get here.
Jessica H. | July 10, 2013


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