If You Really Knew Me…

September 5, 2012

You would know that I am not good with change.  I don’t handle it well, whether it’s good or bad change, but I’m learning to focus on the positive.

You would know that I tend to blow things out of proportion.  A lot.  My brain needs an off button!

You would know that I am constantly changing my hair.  I get bored with it easily so I try something new almost every hair appointment.

You would know that I once had a dream of becoming a fashion designer.  I even majored in Fashion for two semesters before realizing that it wasn’t for me.  I still appreciate the industry greatly.

You would know that I become a crazy sports fan during hockey season, but don’t care for any other sport any other time of the year.

You would know that one of the most watched programs on my television is the news.  I change between two news channels on almost a daily basis.  It’s the only reality TV I’ll watch!

You would know that I love cheese, wine and chocolate.  I basically belong in France.

You would know that I used to cut school senior year with a friend to go back to her house and cook and watch soap operas.

You would know that I’ve done some stupid things in my life, but have grown to realize that all you need is faith and family to carry you on.

You would know that every single day I am thankful for meeting my husband and am thankful for my parents introducing me to him.  My husband has helped make me the woman I am today.


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