Impromptu Beach Day

April 22, 2014

What began as a visit to the bay to search for driftwood for some upcoming projects, turned into a full beach day. Our morning trip to the bay was fairly quick. There was a ton of driftwood washed up ashore! I had my pickings, but chose three pieces ranging from very large to very unique. The very large piece wouldn’t fit in my trunk so we had to prop it on an angle in my backseat.  There is proof of my wooden findings all over my backseat and trunk!  It was totally worth it though.  They’re going to make some great DIY pieces.

Our original plans for a lunch of pizza were squashed.  We ended up craving seafood anyway.  While brainstorming places to lunch, we decided to take an impromptu drive down to Point Pleasant.  We ate at The Shrimp Box, a restaurant neither one of us had dined before but the menu posted outside prompted us to take a seat.

We were seated next to the window with a view of the water and fishing boats.  It was a beautiful day to watch the boats and seagulls.  So much so that I had to run back out to the car to grab my camera!  Our lunch portions were plentiful.  My sister ordered a jumbo crab cake sandwich while I feasted on a flounder sandwich.  Both were served with a helping of crispy french fries, coleslaw (on the sweet side, how we both like it!) and a pickle.  Cravings satisfied!  It was a great little place with a wonderful beach atmosphere.  It wasn’t open at the time, but there was also an option for patio seating.  Always fun during the summertime!

We walked off our lunch on the boardwalk just a short drive away and took many pictures of the beach and ocean.  During our walk, we still saw signs of devastation from Superstorm Sandy.  It’s hard to imagine the struggle of recovery being right on the water.  But even in April, the Jersey Shore was thriving with beach-goers!
Our last stops were to pick up food and treats for family and ourselves.  My sister treated me to Dippin’ Dots and we browsed gift shops (I bought a seashell) and bought taffy.  It was a relaxing drive home.  I forgot how that beach air can mellow you out when it hits you.  We’ll visit the aquarium next trip.  All in all, it was a great day.  I always have fun with my sisters and it’s always a wonderful time being near the water.  It definitely feels like Summer’s just around the corner!


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