It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving has come and gone and has hopefully left full bellies and memories behind.  Our usual busy holiday was a quiet one this year.  I was thankful for that.  We had spent most of the day at my sister-in-law’s house celebrating. Celebrating really meant running around with our niece and nephew.  They wanted to play hide-and-seek and zombies most of the time.  In the world of pretend, I ate more brains than turkey this Thanksgiving.

Knowing this was our only plan for the day, I couldn’t wait to get home!  I usually don’t get to decorate until the day after Thanksgiving although I wish every year to start promptly on Thanksgiving day.  I started decorating the house and left the tree until the next day.  Thankfully my husband was home from work to help me lug down heavy boxes and tree parts from the attic.  I only needed him for his muscles.  The decorating was left to me.

Do you plan a themed tree every year?  I try to.  Not having an idea in mind for this year’s tree, I initially thought about decorating last year’s silver and white theme.  Then “What Does the Fox Say?” got stuck in my head.  I owe that stupid song for inspiring my tree’s theme this year. I have a fox ornament I bought this year at Target and thought about doing an outdoor, woodsy themed tree with animals, pinecones and snowflakes.  

Having a hunter/fisherman for a husband, we’ve collected some rather outdoorsy looking ornaments over the years. Nature’s been a big inspiration in my life this year and the theme suits the both of us.  I think my husband’s happy that some of his ornaments actually get to see the light of day this year!  I’m particularly fond of our antler, ’66 Ford pickup, “Mistletoad,” and paper house ornaments.  

The thing I really love about our Christmas tree is that it’s a mix of old and new.  Many of my ornaments have come from my grandmother who had gifted us ornaments every year for Christmas since we were kids.  It’s always nice to look back at them, kept pristine in their boxes. It’s also nice to see the ornaments that my husband and I have collected together. Although we no longer exchange gifts, every year he still gets a brand new ornament for the tree.


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