It’s Good to Be the Birthday Girl!

July 31, 2013

I had such a wonderful birthday, made so special by friends and family.  I spent my entire weekend celebrating!  From the Locked & ReLoaded concert to a family celebration at my sister-in-law’s house the following day, I had such a wonderful time.  The celebrating isn’t over yet as I head to the beach with my sisters today for some fun in the sun and boardwalk goodies!  


I celebrated my actual birthday with complete decadence, as a birthday girl always should!  The Cheesecake Factory offered a coupon good only on my birthday for 1/2 price cheesecake.  How convenient!  So my cousin and I had cheesecake for lunch.  She ordered the Fresh Banana Cream cheesecake.  I ordered the Lemon Raspeberry Cream Cheesecake.  I also ordered myself the very fancy Ritz Martini (Courvoisier, Champagne, Cointreau and Pomegranate Juice).  We split our cheesecake with each other.  I ate too much.  I paid too much for my drink and enjoyed every last drop.  It was wonderful!  A short stroll through the mall left me with my free Godiva chocolate reward–a birthday cake flavored truffle I picked from row upon row of rich, chocolate delights–and a vanilla latte.  Then it was off to pick up some Summer Shandy and dinner (and some groceries–errands don’t stop for birthdays) for the evening; two lobsters and some sweet Jersey corn that my husband would be preparing for me.

While I was putting groceries away, my mother-in-law stopped over to give me my birthday card and gift (always a generous amount written on a check).  We had some small talk while I finished with the daunting task of making room in the fridge and freezer for all of our new ingredients and food items.  My MIL left and once I found myself with some free time again, I plugged in my iPod dock and pumped up the volume loud enough so I can hear it from the deck.  I brought a book and a magazine with me and popped open a Summer Shandy while waiting for my husband to get home.  It was such an enjoyable little time to myself.  I finished my book, skimmed through pages of my magazine and started White Oleander; a book that’s been on my to-read list for some time.

I bounced into the kitchen as hubby came home and I recapped my day for him.  He gave me my birthday card–always sweet with just enough touch of romance for him to deny he’s a romantic.  It was too weird for me not to be in the kitchen cooking dinner.  As hard as I tried to stay away, I ended up shucking corn and throwing the lobsters in the pot.  Honestly I think the live lobsters creeped my husband out a bit–he can kill and gut deer and fish, but he can’t throw a lobster into a pot and close the lid!  We had fun sitting at the table cracking claws.  My husband, not a big lobster eater, learned how to remove a tail and squeeze meat from the tiny legs like a pro!  As I told my husband, I could have eaten five more lobsters.  It was so good!  The lobster and corn must have left hubby with room in his stomach because he came out to the living room laughing.  I asked him what he did as his laughter always equals a guilty man.  He ate a hefty portion of birthday cake.  My eyes wide and mouth open, I asked where he puts it.  I gained a pound just looking at my sweet and delectably rich chocolate cake.  I still felt the cheesecake at the bottom of my stomach from that afternoon and opted for a Müller yogurt.
All of that celebrating must have caught up with me because I was in bed by 9:30 and fell straight to sleep. This girl knows how to party like the best of them!


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