Last Day of Work

May 31, 2012

Today was my very last day of work.  I wanted to document it in pictures, which I did so on Instagram.  I wanted to remember this day because it marks such an important milestone in my life.  I was leaving a job that I had become somewhat of a staple in during the past six years.  My lay-off was a positive thing and I left on good terms.  While my job came with its frustrations and stress, I really will miss the people I worked with.  I felt such an outpouring of love today.  It was really special.
This morning I woke up and immediately got ready for my day.  I was all smiles.  Instead of making myself breakfast, I decided to leave a little early and treat myself to Starbucks.  I got an iced soy chai latte and spinach-feta wrap to bring to work with me.
After enjoying my breakfast, I logged into my e-mail and sent two very important e-mails; one to my boss and another to my coworkers.  I thanked my boss for the opportunity to work for him the past six years and let him know that it didn’t go unappreciated.  I wished my coworkers the best of luck and received some really sweet replies.  I was even a little shocked when my boss got back to me to tell me that he appreciated how dedicated I was and how it was a pleasure having me work for the company (he’s a pretty hard guy to touch base with).  In fact, it choked me up a bit.
When my supervisor came to work, she brought in a bouquet for me from everyone and insisted that I use the glass pitcher it came in for sangrias (will do!).  I also received a “retirement” card from everyone with really sweet and funny messages.  A few of us decided to order Japanese for lunch and one of my coworkers paid for my tempura shrimp bento box.  5:30 came around sooner than I thought it would today.  I said my good-byes and gave hugs and kisses.  I assured everyone that I would be in touch.
I cried a mix of happy and sad tears on the way home.  A big chapter in my life is closing and I am embarking on something amazing with someone amazing.  I sat outside tonight and wrote in my gratitude journal.  I am truly grateful for the people I have known and the person I have come to be.  Mike and I went for a walk tonight and we were both just so. incredibly. HAPPY.  We talked about applying for our marriage license.  We talked about children.  We talked about our future–a happily ever after that we can now truly begin.


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