Letting Go

February 18, 2011

Sometimes in life you have to learn how to let go.  Sometimes we live our lives trapped inside a façade that keeps us—our true selves—hidden away because we cannot let go of certain things; certain relationships, certain secrets, certain worries.  These things eat away inside of us and we swallow them down so we can go off and pretend that everything is fine. 

It’s not a healthy way to live.

How many times can you compare the past to the present without realizing that maybe you’re spending a little too much time drifting backwards?  What’s done is done.  It’s in the past and in life you can only move forward.  There’s no reason to try and keep yourself behind when the future is waiting for you.  Of course you shouldn’t fully abandon your past, but I’ve realized that trials of the past should be taken as learning experiences for the future.  Not reason to beat yourself up.  The only way to fix past mistakes is by moving on into the future.

In the past few years I have realized the relief in letting go of certain things.  I am now 100% debt free.  I have closed accounts, paid off credit cards and college loans.  These things used to be a huge worry for me.  But I came up with a game plan and Mike played a helpful part in that, too.  In a year, I was able to pay off nearly $10,000 in debt by saving and making cash payments.  I have let go of my debt.  I have let go of my worries about what bills need to be pay what week.  I have let go of unnecessary store cards with high interest rates.  I have learned that credit isn’t needed when you’ve got cash.  Right now the only cards I own are an Amazon store card that is paid off in full every month and my Visa debit card.  I have money in the bank and by next year I should be able to pay for a new car in full or close to it in cold, hard cash.  An amazing weight was lifted making that last loan payment.  I immediately started mapping out a savings plan to push me towards my goals. 

Also in the past few years I have let go of friendships I have had with people.  I have realized that some of the people I had to let go were carrying around black clouds everywhere they went.  When you’re striving to move positively in life, it’s hard to do so when you are surrounded by constant negativity.  I consider myself a good listener, but there have been times when old friends would come to me and I would feel like I had been thrown into a therapy session—I, being the therapist and them, being the patient.  It had gotten to a point where their problems were beginning to weigh me down.  So I had to move on from the friendship.  Sometimes it doesn’t take the weight of others to make you realize a friendship is over.  Sometimes it just crumbles without reason.  Everything has a time to pass.  Everything has a meaning.  Sometimes things aren’t meant to last.  I’ve learned to accept these things with grace and dignity intact so I can move on with my head held high.

In the past few months I have let go of some weight issues and gained some self-confidence back while losing pounds.  It’s a great feeling when I slide on a once tight pair of jeans that have now become lose.  I’ve recently discovered that I can fit into a small shirt, which blew my mind.  I’ll admit that I’m still in denial about that one, but the tag doesn’t lie.   I have also gained a healthier lifestyle.  I stay away from junk as much as possible and exercise regularly.   I also feel like I’ve gained some sex appeal (see: recent Frederick’s of Hollywood purchases).  Yowsa!

I have learned the importance of letting go.  Nagging thoughts and worries often consume my mind throughout the day, but it’s not worth the worry to stress myself into a frenzy.  Little by little I am learning how to tackle things, one worry at a time, and free myself by letting go. 

PS: this is my 100th post!

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