Luxe Punk Collar from Project DIY

November 4, 2013

M&J Trimming provided me with an October Project DIY box in exchange for this review.  All opinions are my own.

I completed my jewelry kits from my Project DIY box in one afternoon.  Having no real knowledge of jewelry making, I was quite pleased with the results.  I’m a girl who loves spikes and sparkle.  The Luxe Punk Collar provided both for me.  With this necklace kit, I learned how to layer elements and put together a necklace cord by gluing end caps and attaching jump rings.  This technique inspired my fall leaf necklace.

To make the Luxe Punk Collar, I first cut two equal size pieces of leather cord and attached end caps on each end of the cord with glue.  While allowing that to dry, I attached the chains together on jump rings. On another set of jump rings, I attached the clasp.  These pieces were later attached to the end caps to pull the necklace together.

I first wore this necklace with a white graphic v-neck, faux leather panel leggings, a black boyfriend cardigan and boots, but the rhinestones in the spike chain can bring a bit of edgy elegance to evening looks.

Find this necklace kit, subscriptions to the Project DIY box and supplies on M&J Trimmming’s online shop at  M&J Trimming is located 1008 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY.


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