That Time That I Met Martha Stewart

November 23, 2016

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That Time That I Met Martha Stewart

Last week, I got to check off something amazing on my bucket list.  A couple weeks ago, I was sitting at home scheduling content, catching up on e-mail and blog business, as usual.  I had taken a break to hop on Facebook and mindlessly scroll through my feed.  That’s when I saw the ultimate opportunity – an event held at one of the local malls to meet Martha Stewart.

I immediately freaked out and I called the one person who knows how much I adore and admire Martha Stewart – my mom.  I’m not one who’s constantly taking up invitations to events.  I’m not a social butterfly nor do I usually set myself up to camp out on extremely long lines.  THIS. CHANGED. EVERYTHING. The book signing was to promote Martha Stewart’s cookbook, Vegetables. My night went from completely chill to major freak out in a matter of seconds.

I didn’t waste any time.  I was so afraid that I was going to log on to buy a ticket and find they were already sold out (“Fingers, don’t fail me now!”).  Well, I completely lucked out and checked my e-mail confirmation about a million times that week to make sure that I was definitely in.

That Time I Met Martha Stewart

The days leading up to meeting Martha were spent brainstorming questions I could possibly ask her.  The evening I got to meet her, I felt so ready and prepared!  The event was at six, but we got to the mall around four.  We walked around for a little bit and then I headed back to the line around five.  I talked with some of the people in line.  Samples of Williams-Sonoma peppermint bark and mashed potatoes made from a recipe in the cookbook were passed around.  Martha got stuck in traffic, but arrived at about 6:30.  Then, we were brought into the store.

Remember how I said I was calm, cool, and collected?  This is where I start to lose my shit.  I have admired Martha Stewart since I was a teenager.  She’s partially responsible for making me a better cook and baker.  As an entrepreneur, I look up to her for building such a strong empire.  I have complete admiration and respect for this woman.  I tried to keep it cool, but as soon as the crowd thinned and I saw her, I felt that familiar lump in my throat and tears started forming.

That Time That I Met Martha Stewart

Using all of the determination in the world, I tried to keep my cool until I was called up next to meet her. Determination failed me.  I handed a staff member my phone to take photos and walked up to Martha Stewart with my new cookbook in one hand while I wiped away tears with the other.  I remember so sweetly saying with a tone of utter excitement, “Hi Martha!”

The questions I had lined up for her?  I failed miserably at delivering them.  Instead, I let Martha know what an inspiration she’s been, that meeting her was a bucket list item of mine, and thanked her profusely for this opportunity.  Before I left with my newly signed cookbook, I told Martha Stewart how much I love her show with Snoop Dogg (it’s hilarious!).

I’ve heard that she hasn’t always been the nicest person to encounter, but I can definitely say that it was very pleasant meeting with her.  She was all smiles and I even managed to make her laugh! The meet and greet is basically a blur to me.  That’s what happens when I get really excited (like I couldn’t tell you what I promised my husband in our vows on our wedding day).  But I finally met Martha Stewart and I have proof!  Lots and lots of proof to show for it!

What celebrity is on top of your list to meet?


  • Reply allisonarnone November 23, 2016 at 9:20 AM

    how fun! it’s always excited to meet someone you admire – i met Jay Z (yup) in a very similar way a few years back and it was so, so cool to see someone whose music i’ve loved and have been listening to since high school!

    • Reply Jessica November 23, 2016 at 7:06 PM

      That’s pretty awesome! And just think – you got THAT much closer to Beyonce! 😉

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