“Martha Stewart’s Going To Be So Proud of Me!”

May 6, 2013

“Martha Stewart’s going to be so proud of me!”  That’s what I said upon completion of my newest home project.

I spent an afternoon walking around the fabric store looking for the perfect print to reupholster our outdated, worn out, ugly mustard yellow dining room chairs (they were an even uglier gold and burgundy stripe before that).  I settled on a brown paisley print that I was lucky enough to find on the sale shelves.  There was just enough left for my project.

I was excited to show hubby the print and asked for his assistance removing the seats from the chairs.  We set up in our living room.  I cut the fabric, leaving enough to hang over.  I laid the seat face down on the fabric, pulled the fabric tight over the edges and secured it with a staple gun.  When the fabric was attached, I went over it with clear vinyl.  It might seem a little old lady-ish, but my mom uses this trick for her chairs.  It keeps the fabric in good shape and it’s easy to clean up spills that might happen.  

Hubby put the chairs back together and I spent some time admiring our new dining room set-up. It was a cheap and easy furniture upgrade. I can finally check off “reupholster dining room chairs” on my list of home redecorating.

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