New Year’s Day, Jersey Girl Style

January 7, 2014

I’m going to be a typical Jersey girl and tell you about how I spent New Year’s Day shopping post-holiday sales at the mall.  I’m going to squash the Jersey girl stereotype by telling you that I usually stay away from the mall because I can’t stand pushy vendors, crowds and mall rats (to think I used to be one of them!).  But my New Year’s Day of shopping was a good one because I got to spend it with my mom and sisters.  Quality time is scarce lately so I’ll take it whenever and where ever I can get it!
What started off as a “quick trip to the mall” to exchange a few items, ended up as a morning wandering in and out of shops.  I indulged a little, hit up a few sales and bought some new clothes and items for the home.  What made the trip to the mall even more fun was when we basically became tourists.  My parents live just a short drive away from the local mall so it was funny posing in front of one of the mall’s Christmas trees with my sisters and taking pictures of doughnuts from the new waffle and doughnut stand (so good!) and a sale sign that was obviously a total mistake in one department store.
Because shopping the mall wasn’t enough for our wallets, we drove to Kohl’s.  I hate shopping for clothes lately because I have to try on everything.  There isn’t any consistency in sizing anymore.  The jeans I found in my usual size were a bust, but somehow my bust was able to fit into two juniors sweaters in a size smaller than I’m used to. Am I complaining?  Not one bit!  I just don’t understand how one brand can make you feel like doing 60 extra minutes of cardio and weight training while another can make you wish you hadn’t shared all of your mini-doughnuts at the mall!
After lugging our new goods back to my parents’ house, I hung around for a bit.  I started to feel guilty about leaving my husband home on his day off–that was until I came home to find the outdoor Christmas decorations put away, the bed made and the bathroom cleaned!  He even helped me with the steak dinner I was preparing for us.  He claimed he was bored, but I think he proved he missed me!
Now that I’ve gotten some spending out of my system, it’s time to work on saving again. Perhaps I’ll try the $5 savings plan again or that popular 52 week money challenge!


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