How to Have a Non-Toxic Home

May 28, 2020

Keep harmful toxins and chemicals out of your house and live a clean and natural lifestyle with these easy tips to help you keep a non-toxic home.

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We’re spending more time at home these days.  Actually, we’re spending pretty much all of our time here.  So it’s important to keep ourselves healthy and at our best.  Having a non-toxic home can help that.  Over the past couple of years, we’ve really taken measures to try and keep an eco-friendly and non-toxic home.  And honestly, all it takes is some simple swaps to make a difference! 

Before you think, “I really can’t be blowing my budget to purchase new items for my home right now.”  Don’t worry.  A  lot of the things I’m about to tell you can be done with items you might already have in your house.  And if you don’t, I’ve got some budget-friendly suggestions to help you along the way! 

How to Have a Non-Toxic Home

Ditch the candles

For years I had been saying that I was going to stop burning candles in our home.  Candles are full of toxic ingredients that are released into the air when burned.  Not only that, they leave black residue on your walls.  After we started repainting our house, I made the decision to stop burning candles for our health and our home.

I’m very into fragrance, so I use an essential oil diffuser instead.  All that goes into a diffuser is water and essential oils.  Just make sure you’re using good quality, 100% pure essential oils and you have a safe alternative to candles!  Plus, essential oils have a lot of aromatherapeutic benefits!  

Make your own cleaners

This is something I’ve just started doing and I’m kind of obsessed.  A lot of cleaners on the market are full of unpronounceable chemicals that might do a great job of cleaning, but aren’t so good to be breathing in. 

You know those essential oils you bought for your diffuser?  Well, you can use them to make your own cleaners!  Make a Tea Tree Oil All-Purpose Cleaner with just a few simple ingredients and it’ll clean everything including mirrors!  Funnel the ingredients into an amber glass spray bottle, shake, and clean!  

Use a water filter

This has been a hard one for me because water bottles are just so damn convenient!  But we have invested in a Brita Pitcher and keep it constantly filled in the fridge.  Not only does it cut down on the use of plastic, but it filters out chemicals, chlorine, and other toxins. 

Water is safer and healthier to drink with a filtration system.  Plus, if it’s any incentive,  you can buy a really cute reusable water bottle to make getting your daily limit of H2O easier! PS: I make them in my shop, Living La Vida Vinyl!

Switch to glass containers

We are storage container junkies!  I keep them to use in the freezer, pack lunches, and meal plan.  But over the past year, we’ve been switching to glass containers, buying sets, and single containers here and there.  

I even like to store ingredients and leftovers in big, quart mason jars with a storage lid on top.  Yes, these lids are plastic, but they’re BPA free, won’t leak, and safe for the freezer! 

Use a fabric shower curtain liner

We have never, ever, ever used a plastic shower curtain liner mainly because we just can’t stand that chemical smell that they all seem to have.  Yuck!  So instead, we use a fabric shower curtain liner.

There’s no chemical smell when you take them out of the packaging.  Plus, they’re really easy to clean.  Just throw it in the washing machine! 

Make your own weed killer and pesticides

A lot of weed killers and pesticides are full of harmful chemicals that are toxic to humans, pets, and the environment.  Instead, you can easily make your own DIY versions! 

You can easily kill weeds with a combination of white vinegar, dish detergent, and salt. And to make your own pesticide, all you need is water, essential oils, and garlic!  Get the full DIY here

Buy some new houseplants

This is a fun one for me because I love plants!  Not only do they bring a natural vibe indoors, but some houseplants are great air purifiers! Here’s some of the plants that will keep the air clean:

And there are a ton more!  The best part is that most of these air purifying houseplants are low maintenance, too.  So even beginner plant lovers can easily take care of them! 

Swap out your bath and body products

The older I get, the more sensitive my skin seems to get.  So I’ve been shopping mainly for natural skincare products made for anti-aging and sensitive skin.  It’s a trip approaching 40, but it’s made me more mindful of what I put in and on my body! 

Air out the house

The weather is getting nicer, we’ve been cooped up inside for months, so it’s a great time to open the windows and air out the house.  It’s probably one of the easiest ways to get fresh air in and release any of the bad stuff (juju, air, etc.).  Plus, your home will feel and smell fresher! 

Keep your house clean

Keep a shoe tray by the door and kick those shoes off when you enter the house.  The amount of stuff that’s lingering on the bottom of your shoes is disgusting (seriously, look it up – so gross)!  It’s also important to dust and vacuum regularly to keep allergens and other icky stuff at bay.  

I’m basically obsessed with vacuuming.  It’s a chore I love to do (I know, I’m a freak).  We even have two vacuums!  A cordless Bissell for quick cleanups around the house and our regular Hoover for tougher vacuum jobs. 

Clean your pet’s bed and toys

Oh, little Hunter.  He sure is cute.  But for a “non-shedding” dog, he definitely sheds a lot!  All of that pet dander and hair has to go somewhere (hence the two vacuums), so don’t forget to clean your pet’s bed, crate, blankets.  

Toss the bed and blankets in the wash, along with any plush toys.  You can wipe down the rest of your fur buddy’s belongings to keep them dust and bacteria free!

How do you keep your home toxin and chemical free?


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