On the Boardwalk at Point Pleasant Beach

July 14, 2013

After our visit to Red’s Lobster Pot, my cousin and I spent the rest of our afternoon in Point Pleasant on the boardwalk.  We had originally planned to get ice cream after lunch.  Since we weren’t expecting that complimentary bowl of lobster bisque (although delicious!), we skipped the ice cream this visit.  Kohr’s, I’ll be seeing you next time for an orange and vanilla swirl soft serve!

We admired the hermit crabs outside of shops in their colorful shells and stopped into boardwalk boutiques. One of the shops we were in had a Christmas tree set up with Point Pleasant and beach themed ornaments.  I found a hermit crab ornament for my aunt who’s a fan of the little critters and a golfing Santa for my husband who gets a new golf ornament every year.  Yup!  I started Christmas shopping at the beach! I also bought myself a cute anchor ankle bracelet.  I often forget about jewelry for my ankles.  There’s something so sexy about an ankle bracelet, isn’t there?

We both got a laugh out of this hermit crab sign for races.  Apparently hermit crab racing is a real thing!  There was even a booth set up to register your hermit crabs.  I imagine it’s pretty amusing for all ages to watch!

Although I’ve made multiple trips to Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, I have never once been inside the aquarium!  It’s been a while since I’ve been to an aquarium in general.  One of these days I’ll have to visit the aquarium and all of the marine animals.  Especially the penguins!

I’m not gonna lie–my main mission on the boardwalk was to bring home saltwater taffy.  I bagged a bunch of taffy flavors at South Beach Sweets and also bought myself a small box of French macarons.  I’ve had such a sweet tooth recently!

My plans to visit the beach frequently this summer are certainly panning out!  I’m trying to plan another trip with my sisters who beat me to Seaside.  I feel the need to make my boardwalk rounds this summer.  I would love to see how some of my old haunts look now that they’ve been rebuilt post-Sandy.


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