Our Happy Place

September 24, 2013

Summer is officially over, but the beautiful, cool days of Fall keep bringing us back to a place we’ve returned to many times this year – the beach.  If it’s not the beach itself, it’s the waterfront by the bay.  Either way, the salty air has found its way into our veins over and over again.  We have spent vacation days together fishing off piers, walking along the rocks exploring the shoreline.  We have walked along the bay, talking, laughing and making plans for the future together. We’ve taken impromptu drives down the shore to dig our toes into the sand and soak up the afternoon sun.
This past weekend, we picked up my husband’s plates for his new car.  As we left the dealership, he asked if I wanted to take a ride to a nearby beach.  There was no way I was passing up a trip to the shore on such a gorgeous (although windy) afternoon.  Neither one of us was really dressed for a walk along the sand, but I took off my flats as we hit the sand, toes all in!  Windsurfers took advantage of the blustery day as they played in the ocean.  Some people fished off of the beach.  We took it all in.  I even got the silly idea to splash my toes into the chilly water.  When my husband looked at me afterwards as to ask how it was, I simply said, “Refreshing!”
I posted a video on my Facebook page of the waves crashing in.  You can hear how windy it was!  Despite the whipping winds, it was a beautiful afternoon visit to the shore.

I’ll be so sad when it’s too cold to venture down the shore or take our evening weekend walks down by the waterfront.  As much as I’m ready to trade my sandals for boots and my tank tops for sweaters, I’m not quite ready to leave my beach behind for another season.  I’ve seen so much of the beach this summer and spent so much time near the water.  But my husband keeps reminding me that next year might be better. Next year we hope to spend as much time on the water as we have spent walking alongside it.  It’s been our happy place.


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