Out to Lunch at Westfield Restaurant Week

February 21, 2014

Restaurant Week started in Downtown Westfield this week.  I spend a lot of time downtown.  On warm days, I like to just walk around and window shop.  Usually I’m there to grocery shop or stop into one of their many stores and boutiques to pick up gifts (for myself and others) or take a class offered by one of the shops.  This week however I was able to spend an afternoon with my mom and one of my sisters.  We took advantage of a two course lunch for $10 menu at Jeffrey’s of Westfield.

This special lunch menu featured four starters and four main dishes to choose from.  My sister and I both started with the Crispy Artichoke Hearts and Mom ordered a Caesar Salad.  My poor little underage sister couldn’t partake in the fun drink order Mom and I placed.  Mom got herself a glass of Pinot Grigio and I pulled out the big guns with a Bourbon Cider.  For our main dish order, all three of us chose the Balsamic Chicken.
The Crispy Artichoke Hearts were stuffed with cheese, breaded and served with a tomato cream sauce. They were flavorful, oozed with cheese and had a delightful crunch to them.  The tomato dipping sauce added another wonderful punch of flavor that complimented the creamy, warm cheese and tender bite of artichoke.
The Bourbon Cider was dangerous!  The strong taste of bourbon was completely masked by flavors of apple cider and a hint of citrus.  It was the kind of drink that I would have loved served warm while I bury myself under a blanket during a snowstorm.
The Balsamic Chicken was served over a bed of mashed potatoes.  The chicken was so tender that knives weren’t necessary.  The balsamic reduction added a nice touch in every bite of chicken and homemade potatoes.
Jeffrey’s hasn’t disappointed again and I believe I’ve made my mom and sister a fan of the establishment.

After lunch, the morning rain cleared into afternoon sunshine and we were able to walk E. Broad Street to pick up a few treats for later.  We stopped into Crumbs where I picked up a Nutella Crumbnut for myself.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t there for the morning supply of Crumbnuts that I was disappointed in the first stale bite I took after dinner.  I was so looking forward to my sweet treat–a cheat for me as I’ve been cutting back on sugar intake.  Lesson learned.  Next we stopped at another bakery, Carlo’s Bake Shop, to pick up some of their famous crumb cake.  I don’t eat it, but my husband does.  At least he enjoyed his dessert!

With my Nikon in tow, I was finally able to snap a decent shot of the luxury apartments on E. Broad Street. These apartments are my favorite with their pretty pastel yellow facade, delicate lavender shutters and French-inspired architecture.  One of these days I would love to get a glimpse inside to see if the interior matches the delight of the exterior.
Aside from a parking ticket due to overstaying our time downtown (*@&$#!), it was a wonderful afternoon out to dine and shop with my mom and sister.


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