DIY Pet Storage Station

February 15, 2016

Keep your pet essentials organized with this easy DIY Pet Storage Station!

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DIY Pet Storage Station

Over the weekend, I decided to get crafty and took a look in my craft storage to see what I could make.  I had a few plastic dog figurines and thought it would be cute to use them to embellish a pet storage station to keep some of Hunter’s things neat and organized. I love being married to a man who seems to have an endless supply of lumber on hand.  So I asked my husband if he had any blocks of wood lying around.  Of course he did!  I used the last three dog figurines in my storage and some cup hooks to make a pet storage station to keep some of Hunter’s things handy.

When we got Hunter in the summer, we bought the essentials we needed for a puppy to be comfortable in our home.  Fast forward seven months later and Hunter’s stuff seems to be taking over our kitchen – not to mention, the rest of the house!  So I’m always trying to find ways to keep his things neat and organized. There’s a box in the attic with things he’s outgrown and some holiday toys.  He has a drawer in the kitchen full of treats and some wellness items.  But our kitchen table seems to be the place to keep the items we grab and go to take him outside.  This storage station is the perfect solution for that!

DIY Pet Storage Station



  1. If you want the wood grain to show through your paint, paint light coats of white acrylic paint onto your wood block using your foam brush.  Add more coats, as desired.  Allow paint to dry completely.
  2. Carefully cut your figurines in half using a sharp knife.
  3. Use a ruler to space your hooks and figurines.  Then, screw hooks into your wood blocks.
  4. Use super glue to attach plastic figurine halves to the wood block.  Allow glue to dry completely.
  5. Attach sawtooth picture hangers to the back of the wood block, mount on the wall, and hang your pet essentials on your new pet storage station!

DIY Pet Storage Station

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How do you keep your pet essentials organized?

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