Pier Fishing

July 12, 2013

My husband had taken vacation time from work.  One morning we packed up the truck and headed down to Laurence Harbor to go pier fishing.  As someone who is used to fishing off the side of a boat, pier fishing was entirely new to me.  We cast our lines, sat back, relaxed and hoped for the best.  

One of three piers to fish from


Sparrow on a railing

The nice thing about fishing off of a pier rather than from the side of a boat is the freedom to wander away.  As my husband sat by our lines, I took walks on the beach, collected seashells and driftwood, and took photographs.  We took turns watching the lines and walking around.  It was such a peaceful morning–well, until a bird flew into my husband’s line and its wing got tangled.  Don’t worry!  We saved it!  Not without me going into complete panic, of course, but the bird was freed and flew away without a problem.



A piece of driftwood I took home with me

I didn’t mind that the fishing portion of our trip was a bust (aside from “catching” that bird).  It was a perfect morning spent by the water.  Take me to the beach and I’ll be a happy girl!


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