Pizza and Donut Foodie Flyers DIY

June 24, 2015

Create pizza and donut foodie flyers with a little paint and a classic backyard toy with this easy DIY project!

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Pizza and Donut Foodie Flyers DIY

Remember when you were told not to play with your food as a child?   Well, today I’m telling you to go ahead and do it!  I’ve created a fun little DIY project for Pizza and Donut Foodie Flyers!  These foodie flyers let you play with your favorite foods without the mess!
I’ve told you before about my family’s love of pizza.  I don’t think we could live without it at this point!  I’m not much a sweet tooth, but I do love a good donut!  Especially if it has pink frosting and sprinkles!  When I came up with the idea for this DIY project, it seemed only right to give these two foods the spotlight.  They’re round, they’re easy to paint, and they’re downright yummy (in their actual form, of course)!  I honestly loved making this project!
I ordered clear flying disks from Oriental Trading and used acrylic paint to create my pizza and donut flyers.  Before painting your pizza and donut designs, you’ll want to paint a white base coat so the colors really pop.  Once your white base is dry, you can start creating your designs.
Pizza and Donut Foodie Flyers DIY

To make a donut, use a tan acrylic paint or mix white paint with brown paint until you reach your desired color.  I painted about two coats around the disk.  Make sure to leave a white circle in the middle of the flyer for your “donut hole.”
Once that paint layer dried, I “frosted” my donut flyer with bright pink paint.  One to two coats should do it.  I made “sprinkles” with pink, purple, and silver Beads in a Bottle paint.  Allow the paint to dry completely before going nuts throwing your donuts!
Pizza and Donut Foodie Flyers DIY

To make a pizza, I used the same color base as I did for the donut.  I only painted around the edge of the flyer to make a “crust.”  Next, I used red paint to splash on some “pizza sauce.”  Then, I used white paint to add some “cheese.”
Any good pizza comes loaded with toppings, so I made mine a pepperoni, green pepper, and mushroom pizza.  Use the same color as your crust to create mushrooms.  Paint red circles for pepperoni, and use green paint to create pepper strips.  This pizza’s hot and ready as soon as the paint dries!
Your friends and family will love this foodie take on a classic backyard toy!  Throw around a donut or fling a pizza!  Just don’t toss your cookies!  Well, actually, you can with this project (without grossing everyone out)!  Visit Oriental Trading for supplies and more craft inspiration.

What other foodie flyers can you think of making?


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