Pots of Gold St. Patrick’s Day DIY

March 2, 2015

These DIY Pots of Gold make chic St. Patrick’s Day Decor and all you need make them are small white pots, Mod Podge, and gold leaf sheets!

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When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, we tend to think of green as the primary holiday color. We forget one shimmering little detail in this holiday’s decor – gold. There’s nothing I love better than adding a shimmering accent to my decor. This DIY will take you from St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and all through gardening season. There’s no need to chase rainbows for this gilded project! All you need are ceramic pots, gold leaf sheets and Mod Podge to create your own St. Patrick’s Day pots of gold.



1. Make sure the surface of your pot is clean and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge around it.
2. Take a sheet of gold leaf and carefully apply it around the pot.  Use a clean foam brush, or your gloved hand, to carefully pat it down to prevent bubbling. 
3. Allow glue to dry for a minute or two and carefully brush away gold leaf with a dry foam brush.
4. Seal your gold leaf with another thin coat of Mod Podge and allow to dry completely.
5. Fill your new gilded pots with plants of your choice.


While I wouldn’t recommend leaving these pots outdoors, they would give smaller houseplants a chic update.  If your ceramic pots don’t have a hole for drainage at the bottom, add pebbles to the bottom of the pot before planting.  This keeps roots from sitting directly in water. Happy gilding!


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