Pumpkin and Not-So-Apple Picking

October 20, 2014


A couple weekends ago, my husband and I attempted to visit Alstede Farms, but instead turned around and headed home after seeing what a mess the parking lot and lines were.  Last week, my husband took a personal day from work so we could attempt to go apple and pumpkin picking again.  On our second attempt to visit the farm, we left bright and early to get there when it opened.  It was overcast and cool when we got to the farm and there was nobody in the parking lot.  It was great!  It felt like we had the entire farm to ourselves!

We grabbed a wagon and followed the signs to the apple orchard.  However, we didn’t find many apples in the orchard except for a few rows of Stayman apple trees.  Considering the fact that this farm is huge, we may have missed another part of the orchard.  We managed to grab only a few apples from the tree.  Slightly disappointing since I had dreams of making homemade applesauce, pies and cakes.

We did much better in the pumpkin patch!  My husband found his pumpkin right away.  I was indecisive about the shape I wanted and ultimately grabbed a pumpkin for its stem.  I passed on some of the gourds that were also in the patch, but some of them were really interesting looking!  We paid for our pumpkins and made a stop in the farm store for apple cider doughnuts (SO GOOD!) and apple cider. That’s a must when visiting any orchard!

That evening we got out the paint and brushes and I printed stencils to decorate our pumpkins. I painted a Medusa design (as a Doctor Who fan, I chose this because it looked like a Weeping Angel to me!) and my husband chose a “Rotten Day” face.  I went a step further with my design and painted a coat of glow-in-the-dark Mod Podge over it!  And to ensure our squirrely little neighborhood nuisances stay away from our masterpieces, I did as I had done last year and wiped our pumpkins with hot sauce and sprinkled the tops with pepper flakes.  It worked last year so let’s hope they stay away again this year!

Have you gone pumpkin picking yet?


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