Resume Update

January 5, 2015

resume update

At the end of 2014 I took a personal risk.  I was working part-time as a legal transcriber. Part-time doesn’t even cut it.  The past few months, it’s been really slow.  Work hasn’t been coming my way.  We aren’t struggling financially, but it’s been nice to have my own money instead of dipping into our account.  Lately, the majority of that spending money has come from blogging. Once you start looking for opportunities, it’s amazing how many writing jobs are available!  And that’s just how I’m looking at blogging now – as a job.
It’s nice to get paid for doing something you truly enjoy.  So I quit my job as a legal transcriber to focus solely on writing.  Resume update: I am now a full-time blogger.  I don’t think many people outside of the blogging world really get how much time it takes to put serious effort into a personal blog or website.  As someone whose blogging and social media numbers aren’t that impressive, I can’t even imagine how much time the bigger blogs take!  But behind the scenes, I’m basically working on taking photos, editing photos, sometimes re-editing photos, drafting post ideas, creating those posts, writing up those post ideas and then there’s scheduling said posts on social media.  This all happens while keeping the household neat, tidy and well fed.  I honestly don’t even know how bloggers with kids make time to do these things and somehow maintain on top of their game with stellar statistic numbers!
I will be upping my game and continuing to find ways to update and improve my blog.  I am learning new things about this crazy little blogging business.  There’s definitely a science to it that most people might not even realize!  I hope to continue to make brand connections I trust and love and think my readers will enjoy.  I hope to work on new projects and recipes that you can easily bring into your own home.  And I hope to share more personal posts because I really enjoy writing them.  I’ve met some really great people through blogging and hope to continue to do so!
When I first started designing projects for Darby Smart, I still felt weird calling myself a designer. I feel like that’s one of those titles that isn’t just claimed, it’s earned.  A friend put it in a business sense for me and basically said, “Well, you are.”  I felt the shift between hobby and professional determination recently while holding a conversation with my husband.  I don’t remember our exact conversation, but remember telling him, “I’m a writer.”
I’m a writer, an artist and a designer (that comes with its share of breakdowns).  And I’m working ever so diligently to deserve such titles.
Thank you for being here and reading these words.

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