Rustic Kale and Root Veggie Tart

September 28, 2017

Last weekend, temperatures in New Jersey reached over 90 degrees!  Not exactly the Fall weather I’ve been looking forward to!  Then again, I’ll admit that I’ve been pretty much over Summer since August rolled around. But before the heat really kicked in last weekend, I decided to rip out the rest of our garden.  I’ve been over it for a few weeks now.

It started with our large tomato plant that didn’t do too well this season.  Then, I decided everything else needed to go, too.  I saved what was left of our grape tomatoes to dehydrate and picked the rest of our peppers.  If we’re still craving the crunch and flavor of garden veggies, we still have plenty of plants in my in-laws’ garden.  

We’ve grown squash, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, onions, and beets in their garden.  Everything did pretty well!  With some of our garden haul, I made a delicious veggie tart made with kale, root veggies, and blue cheese.  It was delicious!  

If you still have garden veggies to use up from your Summer garden, head over to Hello Nature today!  I’m sharing the recipe for this easy and delicious Rustic Kale and Root Veggie Tart!  It’s an easy way to use up garden veggies and it makes a great lunch or appetizer!

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