Savory Easter Charcuterie Board

April 7, 2022

This Savory Easter Charcuterie Board will be an adorable and delicious addition to your holiday table.  It’s made with salame roses, prosciutto, baby carrots, mini pickles, marinated artichokes, and a bunny face made out of cheese, olives, a cherry tomato, and Italian bread slices. 

Thank you to True Story Foods for sending me a couple of their prosciutto, salame, and a heart board to help me create this Easter Charcuterie Board!

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When True Story Foods messaged to ask if they could send me a few gifts for my next charcuterie board, I immediately say “yes!”  Anything to make charcuterie!  With Easter coming up, I wanted to create a charcuterie board idea that would be a delicious addition to the holiday celebration.

However, the majority of Easter charcuterie boards I’ve seen are filled with sweet treats like Easter candy and chocolates.  Nothing wrong with that!  But I wanted to make an Easter charcuterie board that was 100 percent savory with an obvious and adorable Easter theme!

So I started brainstorming ways that I could make a savory Easter charcuterie board with meats, nuts, cheese, and more.  Instead of just arranging these small bites on a board, I wanted to create a rabbit face.  Turns out, it’s actually easier to do than you might think!

Savory Easter Charcuterie Board

Since True Story sent me salame, I knew right away that I had to turn some of it into roses.  But not just any roses – bunny cheeks!  Then, I would create the rest of the bunny face using a combination of cheese, olives, and tomatoes.

The rest of this board comes together with common charcuterie bites such as nuts, veggies, and meat – like prosciutto.  This adorable Easter charcuterie board idea is easy to put together and the result is almost too cute to eat!

The first thing I did was make my salame roses.  This viral TikTok food trend is so easy to do!  Just take a wine glass and start folding the salame slices around the rim of the glass.

Continue to overlap the slices, bringing each slice a little closer together between each layer.  Make sure to really press the salame down so it sticks.

When your salame rose is thick enough, flip it onto the board.  It’s best to do this while the meat is cold so the salame rose will hold its shape better.

Now we can form the rest of the bunny face.  Surround the salame rose “cheeks” with cubed cheese.  Then, I used black olives to form the eyes, whiskers, and mouth.  The face gets finished off with a tomato for a nose.

I used thin slices of crusty Italian bread to form the ears.  I just layered the bread slices and used the heart shape of the board make the bunny ear shape.

Once the bunny face is done, it’s time to fill the rest of the board with other savory bites!  I finished off the board with sliced prosciutto, baby carrots, marinated artichokes, sweet mini pickles, almonds, and more olives and tomatoes.

And that’s it!  Totally easy to do – no matter what size your charcuterie board is – and an adorable addition to your Easter spread!

Savory Easter Charcuterie Board

Savory Easter Charcuterie Board


  • True Story Genoa Salame
  • True Story Sliced Prosciutto
  • White cheddar cheese, cubed
  • Black olives
  • Grape or cherry tomatoes
  • Italian bread, sliced thin
  • Baby carrots
  • Marinated artichokes
  • Sweet mini pickles
  • Almonds


    To make salame roses:
  1. Begin by folding slices of salame around the rim of a champagne or wine glass.
  2. Continue to overlap the slices, bringing each slice a little closer together between each layer, and pressing them together so the slices stick.
  3. When the layers are thick enough, flip the glass over onto the board, and carefully remove the salame rose.
  4. Repeat to make a second rose.
  5. To assemble the charcuterie board:
  6. With the salame roses in place as the bunny cheeks, continue to form the face by placing the cubed white cheddar onto the board in a rounded shape.
  7. Then, slice a black olive in half to form the eyes.
  8. Slice a cherry tomato in half to form the nose.
  9. Then, slice another black olive into small pieces to form the mouth.
  10. Once the face is complete, layer the Italian bread slices to form the ears.
  11. Finish the board by adding the prosciutto, more black olives and tomatoes, baby carrots, sweet mini pickles, and almonds around the rest of the board.
  12. Serve immediately.
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Visit True Story Foods to check out their variety of delicious, organic, and sustainable meat products!  And thank you to True Story, once again, for providing me with salame, prosciutto, and the adorable heart-shaped board.  They’ve all become a fabulous addition to this charcuterie board idea!

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