10 Simple Ways to Say I Love You To Your Spouse

February 7, 2019

It’s easy to say “I love you,” but how often do you show your significant other just how much they mean to you?  I’m sharing 10 simple ways that I show my husband how much I love him.

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Before my husband, there was only one other person that I’ve ever said “I love you” to.  Now that I know what love truly is, what I felt before doesn’t even come close to what I feel for my husband.  Honestly, what I felt before was merely a case of lust – or something like that.  That relationship was toxic from the very beginning.  It only lasted a few months, but they were tumultuous – an up and down roller coaster of emotions, immaturity, insecurity, and manipulation that should have been shut down at the first sign of derailment.

But if there’s one thing that I can take away from that previous relationship, it’s how much more I appreciate the love and relationship that I now have with my husband.

Love isn’t just about saying it.  Like I know now, it’s so easy just to say it.  Love is so much more than that.  It’s also the little ways you show it to one another. Looking back on that past relationship, a lot of those little things were missed and there was a lot of selfishness involved.  I am so freaking grateful for the caring, loving man that I’m sharing the rest of my life with. There’s no one I could love more and every day I try to show him just how much I love and appreciate having him by my side.

10 Simple Ways to Say I Love You to Your Spouse

Say “Thank You”

It seems so simple.  Right?  But a “thank you” can go a long way.  It lets your spouse know that they’re appreciated.  My husband does a lot for me, so I like to make it known that I’m grateful for everything he does.

Start a simple evening tradition

My husband works outside all year ’round.  Since it’s been so cold these past few weeks, we’ve started an evening tradition of having tea together when he comes home from work.  He walks in the door, I turn the kettle on, and we sit and sip together.  It’s just something little that allows us to connect and spend a quiet moment with one another.

Bake them their favorite treat 

This is one of my favorite things to do for my husband!  My husband has a sweet tooth, so I love the look on his face when he comes home to a plate of homemade cookies or his favorite pie!

….or better yet, plan and cook a meal together!

This is another one of my favorite things to do together!  We’re lucky to have a grocery store just a short walk away from our home.  So we’ll go grab some ingredients and work on a dish together.  It doesn’t happen often (cooking is my jam), but when it does, it’s always fun!


Let me just channel my inner Elf and say that I love to snuggle!  Snuggling is my favorite!  It’s the best way to keep warm in the winter and I love getting close to my boo! So grab a warm and fuzzy blanket (we love this one) and snuggle up, buttercup!

Laugh at their jokes – even the bad ones

One of the first things I remember my husband telling me is that I had an awesome laugh.  Laughter is a big part of our relationship!  It keeps us smiling and gets out of those not-so-fun times.  So give each other something to laugh about, even if you’re pulling out those dad jokes.  Trust me, we’ll still laugh just to make you happy!

Leave them a note to find when they wake up in the morning

I’m a big fan of leaving notes on the table for my husband to find when he goes to have his bowl of cereal before work in the morning.  If jotting down a love note isn’t your thing, send your significant other a sexy text during the day.  Give them another reason to be excited to come home, if you know what I mean!

Go for a long walk together

Slip on your walking shoes and take a long stroll together.  We’ve been missing out on this lately since it’s been so frigid outside, but there’s nothing I love more than spending time together.  Get some fresh air, some exercise, and spend a little time walking and talking.  You’ll feel so good afterwards and be thankful for the time together.

Listen to them – like really listen

Put the phone down and give your boo your full attention.  Do you know how many times I’ll ask my husband about something he’s working on and have no idea what he’s talking about?  A lot!  But I love listening to him explain the projects he’s working on.  Taking interest in the things he’s interested in makes us both happy!  I’ve even learned a thing or two in the process!

Give them a big squeeze

Hug, butt, whatever!  Just saying, a little pinch on the tush never hurt anyone!  And there’s nothing better than the feeling of wrapping your arms around a loved one and having them envelop you in return.

What special way do you say “I love you” to your spouse?


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