Seasonal Allergy Relief for Dogs

April 11, 2023

Just like us, some dogs could use a bit of seasonal allergy relief during the spring. Ease their allergy symptoms with these supplements, oils, and more!

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Cairn terrier, Hunter, sitting outside with a container of Pet Honesty Skin Health Omega chews.

Spring allergy season has started early in Jersey this year.  I’ve been an itchy, sneezing mess!  Unfortunately, that means allergy season has also hit our dog, Hunter, as well.  Yup!  Just like people, seasonal allergies can affect our pets.  And just like our itchy eyes and noses, sneezing, and scratchy throats, there are signs you can look for if your pet has allergies.

You might notice your dog sneezing.  Or they could start scratching or biting at different areas on their body.  You might even notice that they have a runny nose and watery eyes.  There are so many signs and symptoms you can look for.  But if you’re unsure or your dog is showing symptoms out of the ordinary, be sure to ask your vet.

Open container of Pet Honesty Skin Health Omega.

Since Hunter’s also plagued with year round dry and itchy skin just based on his breed, we like to add supplements to his daily routine.  And with the return of spring allergy season, we’ve added another skin health supplement to his routine.

We started with a salmon oil.  Hunter gets a couple pumps, once a day, added into his food.  But since allergy season is beating us up already, we’ve also added a skin health chew to his routine.

Pet Honesty Anti-Scratch Salmon Oil sitting on top of a dog bowl.

Seasonal Allergy Relief for Dogs

If your dog also suffers from seasonal allergies or you just want to give their irritated skin some relief, check out some of these supplements.  I swear that Hunter’s not scratching as much since we’ve been giving him !

Pet Honesty allergy relief products collage.

  1. Allergy Support Booster 3-Pack

Hand holding a Pet Honesty Skin Health Omega chew.

Not only are these products helping to ease Hunter’s itchy skin and allergy symptoms, but they’re made with quality, natural ingredients that are super beneficial to his health!  Hunter gets really excited when I tell him it’s “time for his vitamin” and he loves the salmon oil topper in his food.  I mean, he will literally lick his bowl when he’s finished eating!

Save on Pet Honesty Products

Whether your dog could use a bit of allergy relief, a chill session, or a health supplement, Pet Honesty will help give your pet’s health a boost!  Have cats?  Don’t worry!  Pet Honesty has products for your feline friends, too!


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