She’s Kind of an Artist

June 3, 2015

She's Kind of an Artist

I recently had a Peek review done for my blog.  I was expecting harsh criticism, but instead I came away with a pretty decent review (you can view the video at the end of this post).   One of the first things the reviewer said was, “She’s kind of an artist, in a sense.”  Am I really?  Is that what people automatically think of me and take away from this blog?  I thought “blogger” would be more obvious.  It’s not that I mind.  I’ve touched on this subject before.  I just think certain titles need to be earned or else they comes off sounding pretentious.
Let’s hop in the way-back machine for a moment.  I’ve been interested in art ever since I was a little girl (I believe my first mural was finished in the 80’s in collaboration with Crayola on hallway wall – Mom was not impressed).  Art class was always my favorite.  I even had one of my elementary school paintings displayed in a local art center, even though my watercolor flower vase had a visible drip running down one side.  I loved creating every time I was with friends.  I remember constantly crafting with one particular friend (who just happens to be a professional artist herself these days) whenever we were together.  I also happen to be an art school dropout.  Oddly enough, I stopped because I thought “When will art ever be profitable for me?”
Now, so many years later, art has never left me.  I still sketch.  I paint.  I take photographs.  I design.  I create.  I spend my days engrossed in brainstorming what project I’ll work on next.  I get frustrated over projects that don’t materialize (so, SO much frustration).  I may never find my work in an art showcase again (no matter the drips, the unique abstraction or colorful saturation), but I guess in one form or another, I’ve come to deserve that title.  I guess I truly am an artist.
My husband always tells me to be myself when it comes to work, projects, relationships and life in general.  But when someone approaches me and asks what I do,  I can’t merely say, “You know…I’m Jessica.”  But I am.  I’m just a girl who likes to bang out words on a keyboard and make life a little prettier.  But if you have to encompass my career endeavors in one title, I suppose “artist” is a good fit.

Do you struggle with career titles?


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