Sidewalk Sales & Fresh Boxes

July 12, 2012

I had a fun afternoon with my cousin.  We both went to pick up our fresh boxes this week!  But before that, we did a little shopping and had lunch at Qdoba.  Downtown Westfield is having a sidewalk sale so we had a look around at some of the tables set up outside of stores.  I got a few cards at Papyrus.  Birthdays are coming up again so it’s always good to stock up.  I took advantage of their buy 3, get 1 free sale.  I bought a pair of cute sandals for $10 at a boutique called Ruby & Jenna.  

Then we went to Alan’s Orchards for our boxes.  I love how welcoming the employees are.  I love how they remember who you are when you walk into the door.  Alan even greeted me with excitement over the fact that I was picking up my first official fresh box!  I made it onto the program last week.  I think Alan was sick of me begging for a spot and an extra box every time I came in.  Ha!  Along with my box, I bought a small loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  It smells amazing and I can’t wait to indulge in a piece.  

Seeing anything pumpkin excites me for the fall!  Once we were done there, we hit up Starbucks and got to try their new Refreshers.  I ordered a grande cool lime refresher that was perfect as a summertime cool down.  Our last stop was Trader Joe’s.  I feel like I came home with a lot of cheese this trip.  Nothing wrong with that!

This week’s fresh box consists of tomatoes, arugula, corn, peaches, leeks, sweet banana peppers, Sicilian eggplant, blueberries, kale, golden zucchini, radishes and green bell peppers.  It’s a good box this week and I already have recipes planned for most of my box, recipes that will probably end up as future posts.

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