Sister Bonding Afternoon

July 11, 2012

I woke up this morning at 9:00 (who is this girl?) with no real intention of doing much today.  But I knew that I couldn’t sit still for too long so I took my small shopping list and headed to Target.  Before I left the house, I called my sisters to see if they wanted to hang out for a little bit.  Kaylyn was working for my mom so I hung out with Nicole.  I loaded the car with some boxes for next weekend’s wedding festivities, ran through Target for toiletries, paper products and pillow cases, and headed to my parents’ house.

It was still early when I arrived at my parents’ house, so Nicole and I took a walk over to the track to do some fitness walking.  We walked a little over a mile and then headed back to the house for lunch.  After lunch, I took Nicole to the Book Trader so she could trade in some books.  We stopped at Rita’s afterwards for some ice then went back to the house.  I listed some of Nicole’s books she couldn’t trade on and and headed home.

It was a pleasant afternoon and I’ve been enjoying having the freedom to do what I please when I wake up each day. While my days have still been relatively busy, it’s been nice to have the time to spend with my family.


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