Rosemary Parmesan Skillet Garlic Bread

April 9, 2018

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Homemade garlic bread just got easier! This Rosemary Parmesan Skillet Garlic Bread is easily made with pizza dough and topped with fresh rosemary, Parmesan cheese, and fresh garlic. This flavorful pull-apart style bread is sure to be a win during your next pasta night!

You guys know how much I love to preach about my low carb lifestyle and how great it makes me feel.  Right?  Well, lately, I want to load up on carbs like it’s nobody’s business!  I mean, the one thing I’ll probably ever have in common with Oprah is how much I love bread.  When I’m on my low carb kick, I try to limit my bread to pizza night.  But I think the fact that Winter’s reemerged in April has me wanting pasta, bread, and basically more bread.  For all of my low carb lovers, I promise I’ll be back to my “normal” self once the weather finally warms up!

While my love for bread has been temporarily renewed, I decided to try a little something-something in the cast iron skillet.  I’ve made pizza in our 10-inch cast iron skillet before.  No big.  But I’ve never actually tried making any kind of bread in it.  I recently saw a recipe for dinner rolls made in the skillet.  It looked simple enough.  So I thought I would try to make an easy, pull-apart kind of garlic bread to go with a spaghetti and meatball dinner.  But instead of making homemade dough, I made my garlic bread with store bought pizza dough!  So much easier!

If you’re familiar with the pizza chain, Little Caesar’s, then you know all about their crazy bread. I remember getting it when we were younger.  It was so good!  Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had crazy bread, but the garlicky-Parmesan topping on this totally reminded me of it! 

Oiling up the skillet real good allows the bottom of the bread to get nice, golden, and crispy while the inside stays soft and airy.  The top of the bread is sprinkled with garlic, Parmesan, and rosemary before baking.  Then, it gets an extra helping of Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of sea salt before serving!

Rosemary Parmesan Skillet Garlic Bread

Serving Size: 8


  • 1 prepared pizza dough, thawed overnight and left to rise at least an hour on the counter
  • 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, plus more to drizzle on top of the bread
  • Flour
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese, plus more to sprinkle after baking
  • 1/2 tsp. fresh rosemary, chopped
  • Sea salt, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  2. Add 2 tbsp. olive oil to a cast iron skillet and wipe the bottom and sides of the pan. Make sure it's completely coated.
  3. On a lightly floured surface, cut pizza dough into 8 and form into balls.
  4. Place into the cast iron skillet. Cover with a towel and allow to rise at least an hour (the longer you let it sit, the better).
  5. When ready to bake, drizzle the top of the bread with more olive oil. Then, top with the minced garlic, Parmesan cheese, and fresh rosemary.
  6. Bake bread for 20-25 minutes or until the top is golden brown.
  7. Allow to cool slightly. Then, top with more Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of sea salt before serving.
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I love a good one pan dish and this pull-apart garlic bread can be made and served right in the skillet!  You’ll have eight individual rolls in total.  Enough to feed the family.  Of course, if you’re a family of two, like we are, you’ll totally have leftovers to send with lunch or even freeze.
If you choose to freeze this bread, I would wait to put that extra helping of Parmesan cheese on top until after you warm up the bread again.  Don’t forget the sprinkle of sea salt either!  It really brings out the flavor of the bread!
If you’re going to indulge in a little carb loving, you might as well make it good! I mean, go big or go home. Right, kids?  This bread was so worth it!


Have you ever made bread in a cast iron skillet before?


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