Snowman Hat Floral Centerpiece

December 7, 2023

Create a gorgeous Snowman Hat Floral Centerpiece with budget-friendly supplies, like a charger plate, cookie container, ribbon, and seasonal faux florals and greenery.

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Snowman Hat Floral Centerpiece on table with plaid holiday table runner. Antique China cabinet sits in background decorated with holiday decorations and kitchenware.

The idea for this snowman hat centerpiece originally came from something I saw on TikTok.  The project used a charger plate and plastic holiday bucket to create a snowman hat cookie container.  The original idea was cute, but I knew I could level up and turn the hat into a pretty holiday decoration.

I’m always looking for a good Christmas centerpiece.  So instead of cookie storage, I made a snowman hat wrapped with ribbon and filled with holiday greenery and florals.  It was easy to put together and totally budget-friendly, too!

Close up of poinsettia flowers and seasonal greenery inside Snowman Hat Floral Centerpiece.

Most of the supplies needed to create this project can be found at the dollar store – like the charger plate, container, and ribbon.  I was able to find holiday florals on sale at the craft store and used some faux poinsettia flowers from a decorative plant I don’t use anymore.

Horizontal photo of snowman Hat Floral Centerpiece supplies including plastic charger plate, cookie container with lid, floral foam block, holiday greenery, red velvet ribbon, and hot glue gun.

Snowman Hat Floral Centerpiece

If you’re looking for an easy Christmas decoration to make this holiday season, this snowman hat centerpiece is super easy to put together!  With just a splash of spray paint, ribbon, and seasonal greenery and poinsettias, you can create an impressive looking floral arrangement.

Plastic charger plate and container spray painted black on cardboard. Spray paint can sits in background.

The first thing we need to do is spray paint the charger plate and cookie container.  Remove the lid from the container (discard or keep for something else).  Give the plate and container a light scuffing with sandpaper.  This will help the spray paint adhere better.

I spray painted two coats on the charger plate and container.  The charger I used was black on the underside so I only painted the top.  Since the inside of the container will be filled with flowers and greenery, I only painted the outside.

Close up of red velvet ribbon glued around base of snowman hat.

Once the paint dried, I heated my hot glue gun and glued the plate and container together to form the hat.  Make sure you keep the open-side of the container facing up.  Then, I glued thick red velvety ribbon around the bottom of the container.

Close up photo of floral foam in bottom of snowman hat. Seasonal greenery in front.

Next, I glued a small block of floral foam to the inside of the container.  I clipped my flowers and greenery using wire cutters and pressed the stems into the floral foam.

Cut off photo of Snowman Hat Floral Centerpiece on holiday plaid table runner.

And that’s it!  After the stems were arranged, all that was left to do was display my centerpiece.

Horizontal photo of Snowman Hat Floral Centerpiece on plaid holiday table runner.


  • 13 inch plastic charger plate
  • 8 inch plastic cookie container (with lid discarded)
  • Sandpaper
  • Flat black spray paint
  • Hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • 2.5″ thick holiday ribbon
  • Floral foam
  • Wire cutters
  • Holiday greenery and floral stems


  1. Give the charger plate and cookie container a light scuffing with sandpaper.  Clean both free of any dust.
  2. Take charger plate and container outside and spray paint 1-2 coats.  Allow to dry completely.
  3. Heat a hot glue gun and glue the charger plate and container together to form a hat.  Make sure the container is open-side-up.
  4. Glue ribbon around the bottom of the container.  Then, glue the floral foam inside the container.
  5. Trim holiday greenery and flowers with wire cutter and press into the foam.
  6. Once all flowers and greenery are arranged, display centerpiece on a table or among your holiday decor.

Snowman Hat Floral Centerpiece on plaid holiday table runner. Lit Christmas tree in background of photo.

If you really want to make this centerpiece look impressive, you could also string some LED fairy lights between the flowers and greenery.  Give it that holiday glow!

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Snowman Hat Floral Centerpiece pinnable image.

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