So Much Snow!

December 18, 2013

Before the cold weather made its appearance for the year, I wished for snow. I love days spent home watching the snow fall outside of my window. I love the pretty white blanket it leaves behind. But it’s not officially winter yet and we’ve already had a few good snowfalls. Now when I said I wanted snow, I didn’t mean every week. I didn’t mean inches upon inches building up within a few days. I meant one good snowfall to enjoy and maybe a light flurry or two throughout the entire winter season.  If this is a taste of what’s to come from now until spring, I retract my wish.

Over the weekend, our plans to attend a hockey game got cancelled due to the snow.  My husband promised me we would attend another game during the season, but it was a bummer since I won those tickets.  Instead I spent Saturday at home baking while my husband worked a little maintenance overtime due to the storm.  I’m not completely mad about the snow ruining our plans because I was able to get some decent snowflake shots with my Nikon.  You can make out some individual snowflakes in these photos, which made me really happy!  How often do you get to capture individual snowflakes on camera before they melt away?!?  It was a nice, fluffy morning snow that turned heavier by evening, later changing to rain making everything slick and icy.

The inches of snow fell steady again yesterday.  At least the shoveling has made for a good workout!  We are getting a break from the snow within the next few days as the temperatures warm up.  I have a feeling this isn’t the last of the snow we’ll be seeing this winter.  We might as well keep the shovels out.

Have you seen a lot of snow so far this year?


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