Soul of a Mermaid, Mouth of a Sailor Shirt

August 1, 2023

Create this cute and sassy “Soul of a Mermaid, Mouth of a Sailor Shirt” using Cricut holographic iron-on, color-changing iron-on, and the EasyPress 3!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

About a month ago, I came across some basic scoop neck tank tops at the craft store and bought a whole bunch in different colors.  They’re a lightweight knit with a comfy fit.  I ended up keeping most of them blank to wear as PJ tops or everyday tanks.  But I bought one in a teal color that I knew I had to turn into the perfect summer graphic top!

The teal color gave off total mermaid vibes, so I got to work in Design Space to create a mermaid design.  But since I tend to be a bit sassy, so my design states that I have the “soul of a mermaid” and the “mouth of a sailor.” I also decided to have some fun with iron-on vinyl.  Instead of using standard iron-on, I played around with two types of Holographic Iron-On and Color-Changing Iron-On.

The Cricut EasyPress 3

And if working with new iron-on wasn’t fun enough, I also got to break out my new Cricut EasyPress 3!  It’s available in two different sizes, but I got the 9″x9″.

This EasyPress works with Bluetooth wireless technology for “smart” crafting.  Through the Cricut Heat app, you can set accurate temperature and timing for any project and iron-on material you use!

I always hate when I have to stop mid-project to look up temperature and time settings.  Now, the app does the hard work for me so I can seamlessly craft without interruptions!

Soul of a Mermaid, Mouth of a Sailor Shirt

With all of my materials and machines ready, I started to cut, weed, and iron my way to my new favorite summer shirt!  With a combination of holographic and color-changing iron-on, this shirt design is a fun throwback to the 80s, as well.

The first step in making this shirt is opening up the “Soul of a Mermaid, Mouth of a Sailor” design file in Design Space.  If necessary, select the entire design and resize it to fit your shirt.  Set your machine and click “Make It.”

Since we’re using three types of iron-on, prepare three StandardGrip mats with each type of iron-on vinyl.  Then, make sure each image is mirrored and cut out the design.  Once each color is cut, weed the images.

Now, we’re going to power on the EasyPress 3 and open up the Cricut Heat app.  Make sure the Cricut EasyPress 3 is selected and click “Start New Project.”

Set your material, what it’s being applied to, and the work surface.  Continue and send settings to EasyPress.

Once set, work one material at a time until the design is complete.  Make sure to use butcher paper or parchment paper between layers to protect the exposed iron-on vinyl.

When you’re finished, allow the shirt to set for 24 hours on a flat surface.  Then, wash or wear your new shirt!  Make sure to head outside to see the vinyl change colors!



  1. Open the design file in Design Space and resize, if necessary. Then, set your machine and click “Make It.”
  2. Prepare StandardGrip mats with the iron-on vinyl. Then, follow the prompts on screen to cut the design, making sure that each image is mirrored. Weed each image.
  3. Open the Cricut Heat app and power on the EasyPress 3.
  4. Start a new project in the app and change the settings. Then, send to EasyPress.
  5. Place the shirt onto the EasyPress mat. Preheat.
  6. Then, begin to position the first part of the design onto the shirt and press. When the design is cool, peel back the clear film.
  7. Continue with the rest of the design, changing the settings in the app, and making sure to place butcher paper over the design to protect exposed vinyl.
  8. Let the shirt set on a flat surface for 24 hours. Then, wash or wear.

Since my summer wardrobe mainly consists of clothes to keep me cool instead of fashionable, it’s nice to have a cute and sassy graphic tank I can rock with a maxi shirt, shorts, or even jeans!

Did you make this Soul of a Mermaid, Mouth of a Sailor Shirt project? Share it on social media using the hashtag #livinglavidadiy. Don’t forget to tag me @lavidaholoka!


Soul of a Mermaid, Mouth of a Sailor Shirt pinnable collage image.

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