Spring Cleaning Checklist – Free Printable

March 29, 2023

Need a little help staying on track with your spring cleaning? Download this room-by-room spring cleaning checklist printable and get your scrub on!

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Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable - download for free

Let me preface this post by saying that spring cleaning habits obviously differ from person to person.  It all depends on schedules, family size, and I suppose the level of necessity for things to be clean.  For me, cleanliness affects my mental state.  I cannot concentrate with clutter.  So I make it a habit to keep things as clean as possible.

But spring cleaning is a whole ‘nother level.  Spring in itself is a time for newness and starting fresh.  So spring cleaning has become an annual ritual for me.  But before I start to get my scrub on, I make a list.  That’s the first step.

Next, I carve out time in my schedule because when we spring clean, we go big!  You know those untouched areas of the house? The trim on top of the windows, dark corners of closets, etcetera?  That’s what we’re tackling.  I might even break out a paint can or two and go crazy making touch ups!  

Spring Cleaning Checklist

With my list made and schedule cleared, I’ll usually check and see if I need to restock any of my cleaning supplies.  I don’t have a TikTok account, but I’ve seen some CleanTok stuff around social channels.  So I know what’s up with cleaning supplies. 

The Pink Stuff.  Got it in paste and spray.  

Scrub Daddy?  I’ve met the whole family. 

And there’s also the tried and true supplies like Pine-Sol, Swiffer wipes, Windex, good ol’ soap and water, and a couple DIY cleaning sprays I like to make with white vinegar and orange peels and tea tree essential oil.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

So now that the supplies are ready to go, where to start?  Grab your list and start with the hardest, most annoying, and least favorite chore.  Get it out of the way.  My advice?  Throw on some of your favorite cleaning music and, if it’s warm enough, crack open a window to let the fresh air in when you clean. 

Here’s what I suggest adding to your spring clean list:

  • The usual cleaning like dusting, vacuuming, and mopping
  • Windows, blinds, and window treatments.  Make sure to clean the trim as well.
  • We have hardwood floors with area rugs. I give everything a good vacuuming/Swiffer.  Then, I will shampoo the area rugs.
  • Once you’re done vacuuming, clean the filter.
  • Fans are a must clean since they’ll be running soon enough.  Wipe down blades and light fixtures.
  • Deep clean the bathroom.  One of my least favorite tasks.  Do the usual cleaning, but then really get into that grout and tile. 
  • If you have an air purifier, now is a good time to replace the filters.
  • It’s also a good time to check smoke detectors and carbon-monoxide detector batteries.
  • Deep clean the fridge. Toss expired food, clean the shelves, and vacuum the grates.
  • Touch up paint around the house.  If you no longer have a paint can, but know the brand and name, home improvement stores usually offer a sample size for a few bucks.
  • Go through closets and toss anything you haven’t worn/used in a year or longer.  
  • I also go through my attic and do a big purge of decorations and knick-knacks stored in that space.  Then, I schedule a pickup through a service like GreenDrop.
  • I will even make sure that my car is maintained.  That means a good wash inside and out with a new air freshener to finish things off.
  • And then, I usually wrap up with an outdoor cleanup since we’re in our backyard a lot during spring. That includes cleaning up any dead plants and getting pots and our garden ready for spring planting.
  • I also clean up houseplants, like removing dead leaves, cleaning up any debris in the soil, and giving them plant food.
  • I finish my cleaning routine by lighting a candle or putting on a clean diffuser blend (eucalyptus and peppermint, or orange, grapefruit, and lemon)

    Spring Cleaning Checklist - download for free


Again, my list may vary from other people’s lists, but I love starting a new season fresh, organized, and clean!


Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable - download for free

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