How to Make Stovetop Potpourri

March 6, 2013

Make your home smell amazing naturally with a stovetop potpourri blend using fruit, herbs, and spices simmered in water!

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It’s no secret that I like a nice smelling home.  I have candles and tart warmers around the house, as well as room sprays.  While I like to cook, I hate certain food smells that like to linger afterwards.  Instead of spraying and ultimately choking on aerosol sprays, I have recently become a fan of natural, do-it-yourself air fresheners.  

The first one that I tried was a mug of vanilla extract in a 300 degree oven.  I used about two tablespoons of pure vanilla extract (very important as I’ve heard the imitation kind doesn’t work) in an oven-safe mug and placed it in the oven.  Once the mug started to really heat up, the house smelled like I was baking!  

How to Make Stovetop Potpourri

I baked more kale chips this week (I’m so addicted!) and the house had a lingering cabbage-like smell afterwards despite having two candles burning.  So I decided to try simmering a pot of natural potpourri ingredients to eliminate the odor.  

I started collecting ideas on Pinterest and ended up using an orange and ground cloves.  To make my stovetop potpourri, I sliced up an orange and added it to a small pot with a little water in it.  Then, I added a few shakes of ground clove and heated the pot over low heat. 

Once the pot started to really warm up, the entire house was filled with the glorious smell of cloves and oranges!  You’d never know I made a big batch of kale chips that afternoon!

Ideas for Stovetop Potpourri

Try some of these stovetop potpourri ideas for your home!

  • Orange slices, clove, and cinnamon sticks
  • Lemon slices and fresh rosemary
  • Pumpkin pie spice
  • Orange peels, lemon peels, and ginger
  • Apple peels, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla
  • Pine needles, orange slices, and cranberries
  • Lemon slices and dried lavender

The possibilities for potpourri combos are endless!  Making stovetop potpourri is a great way to use up extra fruit you might have in your fridge that’s on the brink of spoiling.  No waste!  It’s a cheap and inexpensive way to make your home smell so, so good without chemicals!

Did you make your own stovetop potpourri? Share it on social media using the hashtag #livinglavidadiy. Don’t forget to tag me @lavidaholoka!


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