Summer’s End

August 14, 2013

It’s been one of those summers that I will be sad to see come to a close. It’s held so many memories for me and so many good times. I’ve accomplished numerous trips to the beach and had the opportunity to meet and interview someone directly affected by last year’s Superstorm Sandy – a humbling experience. I’ve eaten more lobster and taffy than I could have imagined, celebrated my first wedding anniversary and another year in this decade that has treated me wonderfully so far.
Although this summer has been one of the best in years, the recent drop in temperature has me anticipating the fall. I have begun to look forward to that first crisp, cool day of the year that sends a shiver of excitement through me. I pull on something a little heavier in my wardrobe and start questioning whether or not it’s too early to wear boots again. It’s the transition from shorts to pants, tank tops to long-sleeves and iced beverages to drinks that warm the palm of your hand. It’s favoring orchards and farmland over sand and ocean views. We begin to take more notice of nature and its changing colors; vibrant reds and fiery oranges and yellow.
I had looked forward to my visits to the Jersey shore these past few months, but I am now looking forward to apple and pumpkin picking, hay rides and cider, fresh donuts and pies  The return of the pumpkin latte is a fall celebration in itself signaling that cold weather is ahead–something that I might be on my own in saying I love.  As I return home from Atlantic City today, I can’t help but think this may have been my last big trip of the summer.  Let’s face it – summer is soon coming to an end.


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