Sunday Morning

August 26, 2012

It’s funny how Sunday mornings have changed.  They used to be for sleeping in.  I’d wake up around 8:30-9:00, yawn, stretch and throw the sheets off.  I’d wander sleepily into the kitchen, find Mike making pancakes or French toast and plop down at the kitchen table.  Now it’s like we live in a firehouse and the alarm goes off before 7.  We shoot out of bed, if we’re lucky we get French toast (a task I’ve now taken over), I heat up the Keurig for a cup of morning Joe, and we immediately get dressed and ready for the day.

I kissed Mike off for a day of fishing at 7-something this morning.  I noshed on a croissant and sipped a cup of Mudslide coffee (paired with vanilla coconut milk, it was delicious!), then cleaned up around the house, got dressed, grabbed my shopping list and headed out the door.  If I want to sit and watch a little morning television, I do so early in the morning when I become restless.  Today I watched an episode of Batman (the old series with Adam West playing the caped crusader) followed by a small marathon of I Love Lucy.  

I dashed out the door around 8 and made my way to the grocery store.  I’m making dinner tonight at my parents’ house.  We’re having eggplant parmesan with garlic aioli spaghetti and garlic bread.  You can’t have garlic bread without a crusty Italian loaf so my grocery trip was followed by a visit to the bakery.  

While I was there, I picked up dessert; the fresh blueberry crumb pie the entire family has fallen in love with.  I may have also purchased a small box of chocolate chip cookies since I had a major craving last night (a warmed up cookie would have been so nice with my tea).  I’m taking a break from frying up eggplant and some zucchini.  The house stinks like grease and so do I.  But it’s worth it to make a delicious meal for my family.  The sauce will be made next with some crushed tomatoes, parmesan, fresh herbs and a splash of Merlot.  

As much as I enjoy my husband’s company, I am enjoying this easy Sunday morning pace, letting the kitchen mess sit a little longer, letting the laundry sit in the dryer a little longer.  Aside from some political TV and some bugs buzzing outside, it’s peaceful and quiet.

But if you’ll excuse me, I really should get to that sauce.

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